EXCLUSIVE: The year-on-year growth in fan base, viewership, and popularity strongly incentivises brands to invest in Indian sports properties – Sudhanshu Pokhriyal, CEO of Hindware Limited

Mr Pokhriyal spoke on the enhancement of sports sponsorship spending, the brand's recently unveiled ad campaigns and much more.

One of the renowned names in the Indian bathware industry, Hindware Ltd. strengthened its presence in the Indian sports marketing ecosystem ahead of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 by renewing pacts with Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) and Punjab Kings (PBKS).

With prolonged associations with multiple IPL teams, Hindware continues to harness the exuberant reach of the cash-rich Indian T20 competition.

Earlier this month, the Indian company unveiled two campaigns with the RCB players, which featured its 5-star bathrooms and the entity raised awareness regarding water preservation.

To learn more about Hindware’s tactics of banking on IPL in achieving its marketing goals, SportsMint Media conducted an exclusive interaction with Mr Sudhanshu Pokhriyal, Chief Executive Officer, Bath and Tiles Business, Hindware Limited.

Mr Pokhriyal spoke on the enhancement of sports sponsorship spending, the brand’s recently unveiled ad campaigns and much more.

1. How would you measure the collective ROI of long-term partnerships with RCB and Punjab Kings?

By aligning with Royal Challengers Bengaluru and Punjab Kings, we aim to capitalize on the popularity of cricket and position our brand as an integral part of this cultural phenomenon. Consequently, the collective return on investment from these partnerships will be evidenced by heightened brand visibility and recall, increased audience engagement, and sustained growth in brand equity over the long term.

2. With amplifying brand presence as these partnerships’ core objective, what notable steps will be taken to achieve the goal further?

In addition to featuring Hindware logos on the jerseys, our partnership extends far beyond mere visibility. We have leveraged our association across various platforms to maximize impact. For instance, our latest TV commercial have leveraged the team’s chemistry and their story to seamlessly blend the brand’s promise of “5 Star Bathrooms”. Our other two TV commercials aim at raising awareness about water conservation for a sustainable future, placing the spotlight on Hindware’s latest innovation – the Aqua Pro Water-Saving Nozzles. Moreover, our campaign is intricately woven into multiple platforms, spanning Connected TV news segments, digital and social media channels, OTT platforms, and print media, ensuring widespread exposure and engagement.

On the ground, at Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru and Mullanpur Stadium in Chandigarh, our branding is prominent, spanning perimeter boards, side screens, seat covers, and fencing, effectively reaching fans directly during live matches. Additionally, we have strategically placed danglers and standees at our brand stores, further amplifying our campaign message and enhancing brand visibility.

Furthermore, we have facilitated our channel partners’ access to matches, allowing them to partake in the excitement of live matches, thereby fostering stronger relationships and enhancing brand engagement throughout the distribution network.

3. To what extent does the enhancement of Sports Sponsorship Spends year by year motivate brands to bank on sports properties, especially IPL?

With sports captivating audiences globally, brands are eager to capitalize on the growing appeal of sports properties, recognizing the significant opportunities they offer for visibility, engagement, and brand alignment.

In this dynamic landscape, the year-on-year growth in fan base, viewership, and popularity strongly incentivises brands to invest in sports properties, especially cricket tournaments in India. Its unmatched popularity offers brands a unique chance to boost visibility, engage with diverse audiences, and tap into the passion surrounding cricket.

The expansion of sports leagues across disciplines like football, kabaddi, and volleyball reflects a broader cultural shift towards embracing sports as entertainment. Brands see sports sponsorship as not just a means to reach a larger audience, but also to connect emotionally with sports enthusiasts and their favourite teams.

4. Will OTT be the primary medium for Hindware’s 360-degree ad campaign featuring cricketers this year?

Connected TV and OTT platforms remain our primary focus for engaging premium audiences. Along with cricket, News is also a focus area and the two combined we are able to reach a large base of potential customers. For our ongoing campaign, we have utilized a mix of channels to achieve comprehensive coverage and maximum impact across demographics and regions, ensuring effective reach across all customer segments.

5. How would the outlets in Bengaluru be leveraged to highlight Hindware’s association with RCB?

Our campaign strategy is all about reaching our audience wherever they are, ensuring maximum exposure and impact. We now have brand stores in Bengaluru and these stores serve as key touchpoints where customers directly interact with the Hindware brand. By strategically placing danglers and standees within these stores, we are reinforcing the campaign message and enhancing our brand visibility. These promotional materials, featuring imagery and messaging related to our association with RCB, serve as subtle yet effective reminders of our partnership, capturing the attention of shoppers and sparking interest in our products.

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