Brazil wins bid to host FIFA Women’s World Cup 2027

This marks a historic milestone as Brazil becomes the first South American country to host the prestigious FIFA Women's World Cup.

Brazil has secured the hosting rights for the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) Women’s World Cup 2027.

The South American nation triumphed over a joint bid from Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands, securing 119 votes from the 211-member federation at the FIFA Congress in Bangkok, Thailand.

This marks a historic milestone for both Brazil and the Women’s World Cup. Brazil has become the first South American country to host the prestigious women’s football tournament, paving the way for potential growth in the sport across the continent.

Brazil’s winning bid hinged on a compelling proposal, particularly praised for its focus on modern, high-quality stadiums, as highlighted in the May 2024 evaluation report. This, combined with the nation’s well-established footballing tradition, swayed voters in their favour.

Ednaldo Rodrigues, President of the Brazilian Football Confederation, said, “We knew we would be celebrating a victory for South American women’s soccer and for women. You can be sure, with no vanity, we will accomplish the best World Cup for women.”

Valesca Araujo, the Operational Manager of Brazil’s bid team, added, “We are working on a transformation, not only for the country but for the continent.”

The 2027 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Brazil promises to be a spectacular event. The passionate Brazilian fans are sure to create a vibrant and electric atmosphere for the world’s best female footballers.

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