Duroflex brand ambassador Virat Kohli promotes great sleep for great health in new TVC

Virat Kohli shares a health suggestion in the TVC of Duroflex in which he believes that eight hours of "great" sleep every night ensures good health.

The Indian mattress brand, Duroflex has unveiled its first advertisement campaign with its brand ambassador and one of the best batters of the current era, Virat Kohli, for the mattress range Energise.

The batter lists numerous pieces of health advice given to him by his coach, his uncle, and even his grandmother in the opening sequence of the television commercial (TVC). The advice includes things like brisk walking, desi ghee, and sipping hot water with lemon.

Following that, Kohli shares a health suggestion in which he firmly believes that eight hours of “great” sleep every night ensures good health. In order to provide eight hours of “Great Sleep,” Kohli emphasises aspects of the Duroflex Energise mattress like the 3-Zone NRG layer and the air groves.

Tilt Brand Solutions has conceptualised the idea for the TVC. According to an official announcement, the ad campaign has already debuted in the southern markets and will shortly begin to air on prominent national television networks in Hindi.

Mohanraj Jagannivasan, Chief Executive Officer, Duroflex, said, “The new brand campaign with Virat Kohli embodies our core belief. Virat is a benchmark for fitness and an inspiration to many. He perfectly aligns with our ‘Great sleep leads to great health’ philosophy, enabling us to spread this message to a wider audience. We aim to demonstrate the strong connection between a well-rested mind and body and peak performance, with none other than the exceptional performer like Virat.”

Adarsh Atal, Chief Creative Officer, Tilt Brand Solutions, said, “We wanted to create a crisp video which encapsulates the essence of our messaging; the importance of sleep in one’s life. We have captured how Duroflex is instrumental in delivering these fundamental needs and strengthening their consumers to power through the day with India’s fitness icon – Virat Kohli.”

Kohli, said, “When we talk about health and fitness, it’s not just about what you do in the gym and how well you train; it’s always about the lifestyle. The key topic when it comes to lifestyle is sleep. It is important to get a healthy eight hours of sleep for your body to respond to the training and a good diet. I sleep really well and I sleep for long periods so it helps me recover, and it is the most important aspect of physical health as well as mental health.”

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