Duroflex appoints Virat Kohli as brand ambassador

Following this association with Virat Kohli, the company would like to amplify the message of quality sleep to a wider audience.

The Indian mattress brand, Duroflex has appointed the former Indian captain and one of the best batters of the current era, Virat Kohli as its brand ambassador.

Following this association with the 34-year-old star batter, the company would like to amplify the message of quality sleep to a wider audience.

This partnership will highlight the mattress brand’s unwavering dedication to raising awareness about the connection between getting enough sleep and living a healthier, more happy life. The company’s partnership with the 2011 World Cup champion is anticipated to spread the word about the need of getting sufficient sleep to a larger audience and encourage people to prioritise it for a healthier future as he is a well-known personality in the sports and fitness industry. The news was made at a press conference in the presence of Mohanraj J., CEO of Duroflex, and Mathew Chandy, CMD of Duroflex, and Sleep Evangelist. 

With the #GreatSleepGreatHealth campaign, the brand hopes to own the narrative and encourage deeper discussions on the importance of sleep for a healthy life and way of living. The entity has always been dedicated to the topic of sleep and has published data and studies demonstrating its connection to health. The brand narrative has been lifted to emphasise sleep as a crucial component of overall well-being rather than merely as a restorative activity. As a fitness fanatic and professional athlete, Virat is aware of the value of sleep for a healthy existence. Since sleep has a big influence on his health and overall sporting performance, he prioritises it in his daily routine.  

The former Indian captain also launched Neuma, the first firmness-adjustable mattress in India, during the conference, which is where Duroflex unveiled its most recent breakthrough product. This technologically advanced mattress features different degrees of firmness adjustment that allow users to customise the mattress to suit their own sleeping habits, body types, and health. Each sleeper’s individual sleep experience is helped by Neuma, which was scientifically created to induce deep restorative sleep. With this offering, Duroflex hopes to expand the Indian market for sleep aids. 

Commenting on this new association, Virat Kohli said, “As a professional athlete, I understand the importance of sleep and recovery in maintaining peak physical and mental health. I strongly believe prioritizing good quality sleep can lead to a healthier and more fulfilling life in your career as well as with your loved ones. It is not just about getting enough hours of rest, but also about the quality of sleep one gets. I ensure I get deep restorative sleep. Duroflex’s commitment to promoting the importance of quality sleep for a longer, healthier life aligns with my personal beliefs. Becoming the face of the brand was a natural decision for me as I believe in the brand’s mission. I am excited to bring a new dimension to the brand and drive its message of sleeping better for a long, healthy, and enhanced quality of life.” 

Mohanraj J., CEO, Duroflex said, “As a brand with a long legacy and a leading position in the sleep solutions market, we, at Duroflex, are committed to taking our mission of driving the importance of good sleep to new heights. We are proud to announce our collaboration with Virat Kohli, who shares our passion for the importance of sleep. His is the perfect voice to help us carry this mission forward. With the launch of our new product NEUMA, we are solidifying our promise to help India sleep better. Duroflex is excited for the journey ahead and is committed to providing innovative and effective sleep solutions to our customers while driving conversations around the role of sleep.” 

Mathew Chandy, CMD, Duroflex and Sleep Evangelist said, “At Duroflex, we firmly believe that good quality sleep is an essential component of a healthy and fulfilling life. However, many of us tend to overlook the importance of sleep and its significance for our mental and physical well-being. We are delighted to have Virat Kohli as our partner in our mission to promote the importance of good sleep. Virat is the perfect ambassador for this cause, given his disciplined and healthy lifestyle. He truly resonates with our brand’s mission of helping India sleep better for a fulfilling life. Together, we hope to create a conversation around the importance of good sleep and empower individuals to make sleep a priority for better health and wellbeing.”

Duroflex, founded in 1963, has been a prolific mattress brand that is helping the people of India to have better sleep and healthier life. In terms of leadership and innovation in the market for sleep solutions, the firm has made significant progress. It has been a market innovator in India, meeting all customer demands in the area of sleep. The brand’s aim extends beyond simply providing sleep solutions for consumers. 

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