BRITA joins forces with LTA as official water partner

This partnership between BRITA and Lawn Tennis Association aims to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles at all major events this year.

BRITA, a leading water filtration company, has been announced as the official water partner of the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) for 2024.

This innovative partnership aims to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles at all major LTA events this year.

BRITA will provide players, officials, and spectators with refillable water bottles and install water dispensers at key tournaments, including the Nottingham Open, Birmingham Classic, Eastbourne International, and the prestigious Queen’s Club Championships in London. 

These refill stations will be strategically located courtside, in player lounges, and throughout public areas, ensuring convenient access to clean, filtered water.

The initiative is expected to have a substantial environmental impact, with projections indicating the elimination of approximately 100,000 single-use plastic bottles across the tournaments. 

This aligns perfectly with the LTA’s Environmental Sustainability Plan, which prioritizes waste reduction and promotes sustainable practices within British tennis.

The partnership further positions the LTA at the forefront of implementing eco-friendly solutions within the sporting world.

Scott Lloyd, LTA Chief Executive, said, “Environmental changes are impacting tennis at all levels and it’s vital we all play our part to secure the sport for future generations. We are delighted to have BRITA on board, the first ever non-single-use water brand to sponsor tennis in Britain, with this partnership demonstrating the viability of sustainable alternatives for major sporting events and, by taking a huge stride towards eliminating single-use plastic from our events, underlining the LTA’s ambition to be a leader in sport for sustainability.”

David Hall, Managing Director of Brita UK, said, “A staggering additional 413 million single-use-plastic bottles are predicted to be sold between 2022-2026 as a direct result of marketing tricks, which is why responsible sponsorship in sport is so important; we’re delighted to be supporting the LTA as change makers, as we move to a better and more sustainable future. We have long been campaigning for both households and organisations to make the switch from single-use bottled water to tap or – for those who don’t like the taste – filtered. For this reason, supporting the LTA in their journey is something we’re incredibly excited to be involved in.”

BRITA is a German company, founded in 1966, that specialises in water filtration products. Its filters are designed to reduce chlorine taste and odour, as well as limescale and other impurities, for better-tasting drinking water. Brita offers a variety of water filter jugs, pitchers, and faucet mount filters to fit your needs. The products are available in many countries around the world.

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) is the governing body for tennis in Great Britain. Founded in 1888, the body oversees all levels of the game, from recreational play to professional tournaments. The upcoming tournament calendar is packed, featuring events like the prestigious grass-court season leading up to Wimbledon.

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