ASICS reveals campaign ‘Move Your Mind’ with brand athlete Rohan Bopanna

Through this campaign featuring Rohan Bopanna, ASICS hopes to encourage people to join the brand on its journey towards physical and mental wellness.

ASICS, a Japanese sports performance brand, has unveiled an advertisement campaign ‘Move Your Mind with ASICS’, featuring its brand athlete Rohan Bopanna.

This ad, which is based on ASICS’ ageless motto of “Sound Mind, Sound Body,” highlights the transformational potential of movement as a means of achieving overall well-being. ASICS is a firm believer in the transforming power of movement to improve mental and emotional health. According to the company, people who exercise regularly claim to be happier on a psychological level. ASICS highlights that this idea is applicable to everyone, regardless of background or level of athletic ability.

Through this campaign, ASICS hopes to encourage individuals from every aspect of life to join them on their journey towards both physical and mental wellness and to benefit from the uplifting effects of movement.

Bopanna’s ascent to the top of the world rankings not only confirms his reputation as a genuine champion but also acts as motivation for aspiring athletes worldwide, showing that everything is possible with enough effort and commitment.

Rohan Bopanna, who is well-known for his determination, enthusiasm, and performance, has revolutionised the sport and shown that anyone can reach their full potential with dedication and a technology-driven approach that emphasises proper instruction, strong mental and physical balance, and—most importantly—the right equipment.

In addition to this campaign, ASICS additionally unveils the French Blue Pack line with Bopanna, which includes favourites of the athlete and other tennis players globally, such as Gel-Resolution 9, Solution Speed FF 3, and Pro-Fit Tech apparel. ASICS’ tennis range combines fit and performance with modern technology and materials to develop tennis shoes that are suited to each individual’s playing style.

Rohan Bopanna, said, “For me, movement has always been key to unlocking my true potential. Having the opportunity to partner with a brand like ASICS which shares this philosophy, is incredibly exciting. Their dedication to providing athletes with the right equipment has been instrumental in my journey, both on and off the court. Together, we strive to inspire others to recognize their potential and embrace movement as a pathway to self-discovery.”

Rajat Khurana Managing Director, ASICS India and South Asia, said, “For many years now, ASICS has been on a mission to influence as many athletes as possible to experience the uplifting impact of movement on the mind as a way of achieving their physical goals. Through this campaign featuring ASICS Brand Athlete Rohan Bopanna, we aim to embolden sportsmen to embrace choices that expand their horizons, encourage personal movement in order to achieve their ultimate goals.”

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