West Ham United Women score landmark association with Femfresh

Femfresh, following this new agreement, has been named West Ham United Women's official feminine hygiene partner.

The Women’s Super League (WSL) team, West Ham United (WHU) Women have announced a partnership with Femfresh, the UK’s leading intimate hygiene brand.

The entity, following this new agreement, has been named the club’s official feminine hygiene partner. The collaboration represents a key milestone for both institutions in terms of women’s health and sports performance.

The relationship has united West Ham United’s women’s team’s enthusiasm and skill with Femfresh’s creative expertise, which has been teaching women of all backgrounds the significance of intimate care and wellness since 1968.

Femfresh, a company dedicated to shattering taboos and encouraging fearless dialogue, empowers women to address subjects that are frequently regarded as taboo. Femfresh aims to normalise these conversations to foster a friendly atmosphere where women feel free to put their health first, encouraging self-care and confidence.

Marketing Director at Femfresh, Sonila Troka, said, “The partnership between Femfresh and West Ham United women’s team is a powerful alliance that shows our unified mission. Like the exceptional athletes of the West Ham women’s team, Femfresh empowers women to look after their health with pride. We are thrilled to be working with the club this year and look forward to uniting to foster powerful and vital conversations on the importance of intimate care and health.

“This exciting partnership further solidifies our dedication to educating and empowering women from all life stages about the importance of intimate care, which not only promotes physical well-being but also nurtures mental health by fostering confidence, self-care, and a sense of well-being.”

Rebecca Rowley, Head of Partnerships, West Ham United, commented, “The rise of women’s football allows us to tell untold stories and highlight different social issues with our commercial partnerships.“By partnering with Femfresh™, we aim to examine the connection between fitness and intimate hygiene, sparking a conversation that we hope resonates far beyond the pitch.”

The value of women’s health and well-being will be promoted among fans and the wider public through cooperative community projects and engagement events.

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