Red Bull Powertrains joins forces with Convergent Science

RBPT will be using Convergent Science’s CONVERGE CFD software to help in making the design of its 2026 Formula 1 power unit.

The Formula 1 racing team, Red Bull’s racing unit-manufacturing division, Red Bull Powertrain (RBPT) has signed the dotted lines with a fluid dynamic company, Convergent Science.

Following the partnership, RBPT will be using Convergent Science’s CONVERGE CFD software to help in making the design of its 2026 Formula 1 power unit.

RBPT is all set to appear for the first time in 2026 when the new F1 rules will be there. The power unit will consume one hundred percent sustainable fuels. The partnership will also focus on using the RBPT software company’s expertise in conceptualizing the engine’s combustion system and enhancing fuel spray and combustion chamber levels.

To calculate the performance of various ICE designs, Convergent Science’s combustion model will be used by the racing company.

Convergent Science is an engineering software brand that aims to design and develops CONVERAGE CFD software, a general-purpose computational fluid dynamic solver. Founded in 1997, The company is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.

Christian Horner, Oracle Red Bull Racing Team Principal and CEO, said, “The development of our power unit for the 2026 season is evolving day by day in our new Red Bull Powertrains factory, with a highly motivated group of engineers and mechanics. We continue to invest in people and facilities to bring competitive power units to the grid, and to achieve that target we need the best tools in every area. CONVERGE CFD undoubtedly meets that need and will help us to build a race-winning ICE. Their highly detailed combustion models enable us to visualise and simulate the inside of the cylinder during combustion, a process that will accelerate our development of a more powerful and efficient engine for the next generation of F1”. 

Kelly Senecal, co-founder and owner of Convergent Science said, “We’re thrilled that Red Bull Powertrains has chosen CONVERGE to support the development of its next-generation racing engine. We work hard to keep CONVERGE on the cutting-edge of simulation technology and it’s exciting to see Red Bull Powertrains take advantage of our software’s advanced capabilities to design a best-in-class power unit in a few short years. We look forward to watching the Oracle Red Bull Racing race in the coming seasons.“

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