Manchester City expand alliance with Asahi Super Dry 0,0%

As part of the deal, Asahi Super Dry 0,0% will now also act as Manchester City’s official training kit partner.

The Premier League (PL) champions, Manchester City have announced a deal expansion with Asahi Super Dry 0,0%, the new non-alcoholic version of the Asahi iconic brand.

As part of the deal, the brand will now also act as the club’s official training kit partner.

The new arrangement, which enhances Asahi Super Dry’s current connection with the club, will see the brand appear on the front of all men’s and women’s first-team training kits for the 2023/24 season.

Since the alliance’s inception, the Asahi Super Dry brand has been embedded throughout a variety of areas, such as the rebranding of the Asahi Super Dry Tunnel Club and the broader installation of innovative equipment throughout the Etihad Stadium to offer City fans with the distinct Japanese super dry taste.

Throughout the partnership, the club and Asahi Super Dry worked together on fruitful initiatives and experiences, from providing a special shipment of Asahi Super Dry cans into Manchester by boat to announce the initial collaboration last year, to developing unique ‘Champions’ bottles to commemorate the unique Treble-winning season as well as offering fans with incredible experiences along the way.

Asahi Super Dry and Manchester City created a creative campaign showcasing men’s and women’s first-team players exhibiting the training kit via a customised Augmented Reality (AR) filter to commemorate the debut of the official training kit.

The social-first ad was filmed in a ‘behind the scenes’ way and promotes the necessity of player training.

Esteve Calzada, Chief Commercial Officer at City Football Group, said, “We’re delighted to announce this extension to our partnership with Asahi Super Dry today. Manchester City looks to engage with leading global brands within their respective industries and Asahi Super Dry are no different. Not only does Asahi Super Dry align with our values but also allows us to explore further expansion in key markets for the club. This partnership has been incredibly successful so far and Asahi Super Dry been an integral part of celebrations last season – whether in Manchester, Istanbul or elsewhere – we look forward to developing further exciting opportunities throughout this new agreement.”

Grant McKenzie, Chief Marketing Officer, Asahi Europe & International, said, “Asahi Super Dry is delighted to strengthen our partnership with Manchester City, by becoming the Club’s Official Training Kit Partner with ASD 0,0% the new non-alcoholic version of our iconic brand. We want to build on the incredible successes we have seen together both on and off the pitch, and provide Manchester City fans with even more super experiences in the coming season.”

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