InCred Money releases ad campaign #InvestConfidentlyinFDs featuring Rahul Dravid

The ad effort by InCred Money focuses on Dravid's performance and honesty, showcasing the qualities that make him India's "Mr. Dependable."

InCred Money, part of the InCred Group, has unveiled an advertisement campaign #InvestConfidentlyinFDs featuring the current India coach, Rahul Dravid.

The advertising effort focuses on Dravid’s performance and honesty, showcasing the qualities that make him India’s “Mr. Dependable.”

The campaign, created by Xebec Communications, highlights the core of why investing in Fixed Deposits through InCred Money is the best option, aligning with the brand’s values and devotion to its customers. The advertisement highlights the fantastic potential that InCred Money’s Fixed Deposits present, combining “High Returns” with “Stability.” The platform provides the ideal answer for anyone wishing to prepare for the future, make a large purchase, or just grow their money.

Vijay Kuppa, CEO of InCred Money, said, “Rahul Dravid has a strong resonance with the Indian audience, driven by his illustrious career and admirable qualities. We are excited to have him as the face of our latest campaign, #InvestConfidentlyinFDs, and look forward to a more fulfilling association.”

Savita Nair, Creative Head at Xebec Communications, said, “Rahul Dravid has always been synonymous with dependability and solidity, so when we were to work with him for InCred Money’s FD campaign, the first thought was to do something predictably serious. However, we decided that it would be interesting to project him in a lighter, funnier and more relatable manner. The idea was to make people smile while creating a lasting impact for the category and brand.”

By focusing on both digital and BTL platforms, the campaign seeks to strengthen the company’s brand image and reaffirm its dedication to offering its consumers outstanding financial solutions.

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