Guild inks landmark alliance with U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee and LA28 to foster long-term career success for athletes

Guild will act as Team USA and LA28's official education, skill, and career mobility provider.

Guild, the pioneer in creating opportunities for America’s workforce, has announced a landmark partnership with the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) and the LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Guild will act as Team USA and LA28’s official education, skill, and career mobility provider. This unique opportunity will allow Team USA athletes to receive career development and education programs along with individualised one-on-one coaching to help them construct competitive careers in addition to their athletic accomplishments.

With athletes devoting so much of their time to training and travelling for tournaments, they sometimes have to prioritise their athletic goals above their schooling and professional growth. When an athlete retires from top athletics, it is normal for them to fall behind their non-athlete counterparts professionally and need to catch up in order to compete on a whole different playing field. Guild’s collaboration provides a more seamless transition from competition to long-term education and career preparation, and Guild’s specialised approach guarantees that Team USA athletes are prepared for long-term success.

Team USA athletes who met specific qualifying conditions as members of Team USA during the previous ten years can use Guild’s Career Opportunity Platform as a learning marketplace of flexible, tuition-free education and skill-building programs. Athletes will have access to personalised one-on-one coaching throughout their education and career journey, just as they rely on the assistance of their coaches and support systems throughout sports training. Purdue Global is the Guild and Team USA Learning Network’s chosen online university and degree provider, while eCornell is the approved professional education supplier.

Janet Evans, LA28 Chief Athlete Officer, said, “Guild’s vision for a future of work that works for everyone aligns with LA28’s commitment to supporting the whole athlete, from their performance to their total well-being. As we prepare for the LA28 Games, we’re thrilled to partner with Guild to provide tools and opportunities to positively impact Team USA athletes.”

Daniella Ramirez, Paris-bound Team USA Artistic Swimmer, commented, “As an athlete, I’ve dedicated the majority of my life to reach this moment in my career and my education has remained a key pillar and priority throughout my training. It’s incredible that through this program, Guild will make opportunities available to current and future Team USA athletes who are also driven by their educational pursuits and might otherwise have to sacrifice one or the other.”

Bijal Shah, Guild’s CEO, said, “Guild, the USOPC, and LA28 share a fundamental belief that career pathways and access to education are key to the holistic development of athletes. We are proud to be a partner in offering Team USA Athletes something they truly deserve — access to tuition-free education and career support opportunities. At Guild, we recognize that talent is everywhere — but opportunity is not. We must afford talent the opportunity to rise, and no one understands that better than Team USA. We’re excited to be by their side to help them achieve their career goals.”

Guild’s distinctive solution addresses the varying demands of the Team USA athlete community. Purdue Global’s learning marketplace offers a wide range of programs, including a Bachelor’s in Health Information Management or Organisational Management and a Master’s in Management and Leadership. Athletes can bolster their sporting talents and expand their job options by participating in programs that build on credentials to go further, more quickly.

Carrie White, USOPC Vice President of Athlete Development and Engagement, said, “The USOPC and LA28 are committed to advocating for Team USA athletes – as they prepare to represent the United States on the global stage, and in transition to careers after retiring from competition. As part of that commitment, we recognize the responsibility of providing the Team USA athlete community access to education that meets their ambition and supports them well beyond the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“Guild has a proven record of driving outcomes and long-term success for those it serves and the initial reaction from Team USA athletes to this education and career development opportunity has been incredibly positive. We are excited to share it with the entire athlete community.”

Frank Dooley, Chancellor at Purdue Global, said, “Purdue Global welcomes Team USA athletes to move forward in their career by earning a degree they can be proud of from our catalog of offerings. Our team is uniquely qualified to assist Team USA at all stages of their athletic and professional careers.”

eCornell is assisting Guild in its role as the Guild & Team USA Learning Network’s preferred supplier of professional education. To progress their careers, athletes can select from over 200 certificate programs tailored to target the most sought-after talents of today. The esteemed staff at Cornell University developed each credential program, which the athletes can complete at their own time online.

Paul Krause, Executive Director of eCornell, commented, “eCornell is honored to be a part of Team USA athletes’ professional growth and development outside of their field of competition. Our short-form certificate programs are designed to build skills in real time, applying to where the athletes are today and stacking to support their goals tomorrow.”

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