Canadian Hockey League join hands with Sportradar

In 2021, Sportradar detected 900 suspicious matches across the global sport.

The Canadian Hockey League (CHL) has penned down a multi-year partnership with one of the leading sports data and betting data providers, Sportradar. Following the association, Sportradar will be providing its Integrity Services to the CHL.

In this agreement, Sportradar increases its Integrity Services’ portfolio of ice hockey partners to nine different leagues and federations across the globe. It further strengthens its position across North American sports leagues.

Currently, Sportradar Integrity Services will be monitoring three CHL member leagues which are Western Hockey League, Ontario Hockey League, and Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. It will be using its Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS), which is an advanced proven bet monitory system.

Adding to that, Sportradar Integrity Services will provide an integrity audit to the CHL, and Sportradar’s Intelligence and Investigation team will assist investigations into any potential integrity threats. Lastly, Sportradar will be educating the juniors, CHL staff, and stakeholders about the importance of integrity via an eLearning tutorial program as sports betting regulation continues to expand throughout Canada, teams, players.

Speaking on the occasion, Andy Cunningham, Director, Global Partnerships, Sportradar Integrity Services, said: “By engaging Sportradar, a leader in providing integrity services, the CHL is putting itself in a strong position to protect the integrity of their competitions as well as educate and inform all their key stakeholders about potential risks within a sports betting environment. As new sports betting markets open up across North America, we look forward to supporting the CHL through our best-in-class products and services.”

Dan MacKenzie, President, Canadian Hockey League, added: “The CHL is committed to continuing the education of our players and the integrity of the game they play. We are excited to sign this agreement with Sportradar Integrity Services. The provision of their bet monitoring and education services will only further strengthen our current integrity measures. The CHL is fully committed to protecting all of our league-wide stakeholders from the threat of match-fixing, and Sportradar’s eLearning tutorial will be integral to ensure they are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and understanding of how best to recognize and react to integrity threats.”

Sportradar Integrity Services has a global team consisting of qualified integrity experts who works on delivering analysis on irregular betting patterns with any suspicious matches subsequently reported to the partners. In 2021, it detected 900 suspicious matches across global sport, with more than 6,600 suspicious matches in the past 16 years. 

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