FC Barcelona secure sponsorship collaboration with PRIME for three years

In this development, PRIME has been announced as the official hydration partner of FC Barcelona.

The LaLiga team, FC Barcelona have announced a sponsorship agreement with the sports drink brand created by Logan Paul and KSI, PRIME.

In this development, the brand has been announced as the official hydration partner for the next three seasons.

The men’s, women’s and youth football teams’ bench areas during games and training sessions will display this US firm’s hydration products. Additionally, PRIME will have a prominent location in the locker rooms of these teams as well as at the Palau Blaugrana.

Logan Paul, a professional World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler, actor and influencer from the United States, and KSI, a rapper, boxer and YouTuber from the United Kingdom, created the business in 2022. Since that time, their beverages have continuously spread across the US, the UK and Europe, swiftly making them one of the companies with the biggest potential in this industry.

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) are present in PRIME products, which are based on coconut milk and also contain B vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes to help muscle repair. Lemonade, strawberry watermelon, grape, blue raspberry, orange, lemon-lime, meta moon, ice pop, and tropical punch are just a few of the delicious flavours available under this brand.

As a result, FC Barcelona are growing their network of international business partners and maintaining their quest for brilliance in the commercial sphere as one of the most appealing sports brands in the world for all types of global companies.

Juli Guiu, FC Barcelona, Vice President of the Marketing Area, said, “We are very proud to sign this sponsorship agreement with PRIME, a brand with major international projection and which is the result of the passion and dedication of its promoters, Logan Paul and KSI. This is also an strategic deal for the Club that will help to connect with younger audiences around the world, who are big fans of an innovative product that encourages rehydration and means people can enjoy doing sport even more.”

Joint statement by Logan Paul and KSI, founders of PRIME, said, “We could not be more proud and excited to serve as the newest Official Hydration Partner with one of the most iconic teams in any sport, FC Barcelona. Whether it’s a mid-game refuel or post-training recovery, we can’t wait for the FC Barcelona family to level up with PRIME. Thank you to the incredible team at FC Barcelona for all our work together so far, and we look forward to supporting each and every Barca player in their pursuit of excellence, while inspiring the next generation to play and enjoy PRIME.”

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