Brisbane Roar obtain two-year partnership with VERVE Fitness

This vital partnership between Brisbane Roar and VERVE Fitness will bring together two companies that are committed to sports innovation and quality.

The A-League team, Brisbane Roar have secured a partnership with the leading Australian gym equipment brand, VERVE Fitness.

Over the course of the next two years, this vital partnership will bring together two companies that are committed to sports innovation and quality.

VERVE Fitness, known for its athlete-run business, specialises in designing high-end training equipment. Their goods are extensively evaluated by athletes to assure top performance, exemplifying the company’s ethos of exceeding the ‘good enough’ standard. Through this agreement, VERVE Fitness exhibits its dedication to improving sports performance and developing talent at all levels.

The establishment of the VERVE Performance Centre is a key component of this relationship. This cutting-edge gym, planned to be built inside Brisbane Roar’s new Brendale training complex, is a huge investment in the future of sports training and player development. The facility intends to be a centre for athletic excellence, offering Brisbane Roar players with the best resources to help them grow and accomplish their athletic ambitions.

VERVE Fitness will further have an important role in assisting Brisbane Roar’s National Premier League (NPL) clubs. The VERVE emblem will also appear on the back of Brisbane Roar’s NPL and U23 team outfits for the 2024 and 2025 seasons, demonstrating their commitment to developing emerging talent. This visibility reflects VERVE’s dedication to sports development on both the grassroots and professional levels.

Brisbane Roar, COO, Zac Anderson, said, “This collaboration with VERVE Fitness is a significant step for Brisbane Roar. It aligns perfectly with our vision of fostering talent and delivering best-in-class facilities to our athletes. The VERVE Performance Centre will be a game-changer in our training capabilities.”

Nial Wogan, CEO, VERVE, said, “Today marks a significant milestone in VERVE’s journey as we announce our partnership with Brisbane Roar FC, solidifying our commitment to excellence in sports performance and community. The launch of the ‘VERVE Performance Centre’ symbolizes not just a collaboration but a homecoming for the Brisbane Roar, embodying our shared dedication to reaching new heights.

“Over the 2024 and 2025 seasons, both organizations will synergize our expertise to empower athletes and redefine what’s possible.This isn’t just a gym; it’s a testament to the passion and resilience of Brisbane, and together, we’re writing the next chapter of supporting sporting greatness on and off the field.”

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