Boomer unveils new TVC starring Jasprit Bumrah

The new TVC starring Jasprit Bumrah expands on its renowned 'BOOM BOOM BOOMER' melody.

Mars Wrigley India’s oldest fruity bubblegum brand, Boomer has launched a TVC featuring the ace Indian pacer, Jasprit Bumrah.

Team India’s speed spearhead, affectionately known as ‘Boom Boom Bumrah’, is the ideal fit for Boomer to capture the hearts of its consumers.

Boomer has grown into an iconic company in India, enticing Indian customers’ palates with fruity tastes tinged with a note of humour for over 25 years. The current TVC expands on its renowned ‘Boom Boom Boomer’ melody, developing its funny essence into ‘Har pal fun kar, Boom Boom Boomer!’. In keeping with the brand’s idea of generating little moments of joy, the new digital video, starring the calm and serene Jasprit Bumrah, adds an exhilarating twist to a terrifying encounter.

In the television commercial, Bumrah and his teammates leave after a terrifyingly vague practice session. It heightens the eerie atmosphere with sound styles that are haunting while still being lighthearted. Using catchphrases such as ‘Har pal fun kar, Boom Boom Boomer!’, the engrossing TVC authentically combines the greatest qualities of Boomer and Bumrah.

Varun Kandhari, Director of Marketing and Customer Marketing, at Mars Wrigley India, said, “With over 25 years in India, Mars Wrigley’s Boomer is a legacy brand that has been holding a strong sense of nostalgia among Millennials and Gen-X consumers for decades. Through this new collaboration with one of the finest cricketing talents of India, Jasprit Bumrah, the brand aims to inspire moments of happiness in the brand loyalists and, attract the Gen-Z audience by showcasing Boomer as the preferred indulgent gum.”

On the collaboration, Jasprit Bumrah, said, “Teaming up with such an iconic brand brings back incredible childhood memories and takes me down memory lane. From playing with friends to representing India on the international platform, Boomer has been my constant companion. Through this latest TVC, the brand perfectly captures moments of joy that it has been adding to our lives for years and delivers a fun-filled experience to the audience.”

Iraj Fraz, Creative Head, DDB Tribal, said, “Boomer isn’t just chewing gum; it’s a hack to unlocking unlimited fun. Hence, the brand platform of ‘Har Pal Fun Kar’. This is an extraordinary story of Boom-Boom-Bumrah turning a scary moment into hilarity, starring in a supporting role a never-seen-before creature imagined by Director Sukriti Tyagi in collaboration with the Mars and DDB teams. The campaign is building a world of ‘anytime fun,’ and Boomer fans will interact with a lot of fresh and amusing content featuring India’s favorite seamer, Jasprit Bumrah.”

The advertisement will be shown on TV in eight languages: Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. The commercial will also be accessible through digital platforms.

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