ABC Local Radio to deliver extensive radio coverage of Australian Open 2024

The fans can also listen to the coverage of Australian Open 2024 on the broadcaster's online audio platform, ABC Listen.

The central governing body for tennis in Australia, Tennis Australia has signed an accord with the Australian public service broadcaster, ABC. 

Following the pact, ABC Local Radio will be seen delivering extensive radio coverage of the Australian Open 2024. The fans can also listen to the coverage of the competition on the broadcaster’s online audio platform, ABC Listen.

Through a special Australian Open button, ABC Listen will provide live, uninterrupted coverage of all the action throughout the event, including the morning and evening sessions.

On top of the live coverage on all of its channels, the broadcaster will also offer shoulder programming.

Cedric Cornelis, Tennis Australia’s Chief Commercial Officer, said, “We are delighted to partner with the ABC in an agreement that will allow existing and new fans alike to experience the thrilling action of the Australian Open.”

Ben Latimer, ABC Head of Audio, commented, “The ABC is committed to making our iconic sporting moments accessible to all Australians. I’m delighted we have the opportunity to bring the Australian Open to our audiences live and free on our broadcast and digital platforms.”

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation runs the publicly owned ABC Local Radio network of stations throughout Australia. Across the continent, ABC Local Radio stations use satellites and terrestrial transmitters to carry their programming. 

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