U.S. Soccer Federation inks partnership extension with Nike

The partnership will be focusing on all levels of the national teams.

The U.S. Soccer Federation has announced the extension of their partnership deal with Nike, which began back in 1995. However, the exact duration of the deal has not been revealed, but it is reported that the renewal will start from January 2023 and run for the next 10 years.

Following this renewal, the partnership will be focusing on all levels of the national teams, both women’s and men’s. It will also be seen through all the youth, paralympic, futsal, and beach teams.

While announcing the renewal, the U.S. Soccer said the long-term partnership will be standing on four important pillars, which will help in the growth of the game, while it will also be helping a positive social change.

The four priority areas include: 1) Driving Inclusivity – which means that they will be working on the difficulties faced at the grassroots level; 2) Better Planet- In this, both will be working towards sustainable change; 3) Global Impact – This means both will be working towards developing the sports world for the women’s; and lastly, 4) Sport of the Future – It means driving cultural relevancy through content, art, and lifestyle.

Speaking on the occasion, U.S. Soccer President Cindy Parlow Cone, said: “This strategic partnership is a sign of soccer’s importance in the United States and the value that both Nike and U.S. Soccer place in each other”. “Nike has been such a positive partner for U.S. Soccer for a long time and has played a major role in the growth of the Federation as well as putting tremendous support behind many of our players over the years. To continue this partnership on such a high level, to continue to pursue the vitally important goals we both share and to have access to resources that will boost all areas of the Federation, are things that make us feel extremely positive about the future of soccer in the United States.”

Apart from this, the two entities will be working closely to make a bigger profile in the area of women’s sport. This long-term partnership will also be witnessing some major soccer events together.

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