Soccerment teams up with Inter Milan’s Federico Dimarco to enhance Football through AI

Federico Dimarco will be seen wearing Soccerment's XSEED AI-integrated shin guards, which deliver sophisticated data and feedback, as part of the agreement. 

The leading technology entity for football, Soccerment has announced a three-year partnership with Inter Milan’s Federico Dimarco.  

The Inter Milan and Italy’s full-back will be seen wearing the company’s XSEED AI-integrated shin guards, which deliver sophisticated data and feedback, as part of the agreement. 

The company, in turn, will supply Dimarco with unique information to assist him in growing and perfecting his game in the hopes of discovering the next stage of player development.

The collaboration highly aspires and aims to enhance the game of football with the help of artificial intelligence. 

Speaking on this association, Federico Dimarco, said, “Aligning with Soccerment presents a unique avenue to further refine my game and connect with fans in an unprecedented manner. Their commitment to data and technological enhancement within football echoes my journey of continual improvement and I am thrilled to explore the limitless possibilities this partnership beholds.”

Aldo Comi, CEO of Soccerment, said, “Embarking on this journey with Federico Dimarco, a player whose career personifies relentless dedication and progression, mirrors Soccerment’s commitment to perpetual innovation and evolution within the football industry. This partnership is not merely a collaboration but a fusion of elite skill and technology, destined to elevate the sport into a new era of data-driven excellence.”

The alliance will also emphasize laying a path for future talents in the game by providing approaches followed by players like Dimarco on a regular basis. Both sides will reach out to grassroots players to create a future in which every player has access to transformative data and technological advancements to improve their game.

Soccerment is a leading technological brand that aims to develop and enhance the game of football with its cutting-edge technologies. The company develops innovative tools to better gather and analyse football performances. 

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