Shinai Sports renews exclusive digital rights to Wimbledon

Shinai Sports and Wimbledon have renewed their cooperation for the second time.

Shinai Sports has renewed its cooperation with the globe’s first and most famous open tennis tournament, Wimbledon, acquiring exclusive digital rights to the event in 2023-2024 in Mainland of China.

Shinai Sports and Wimbledon have renewed their cooperation for the second time. Wimbledon successfully attracts fans from all over the world every year owing to its distinctive traditions and illustrious history. Viewers will be able to watch the grass-court Grand Slam on all platforms this summer, such as the iQIYI Sports App, iQIYI Sports Channel, iQIYI Sports PC, Web, and QiyiguoTV.

Shinai Sports’ iQIYI Sports platform has exclusively broadcast The Championships since 2019 and continues to collaborate with Wimbledon to market the event in China. Every year, generations of tennis greats generate innumerable memorable and spectacular moments at Wimbledon to catch the globe’s attention.

The Chinese tennis team’s breakthrough achievement at Wimbledon last year, in particular, has raised hopes among the Chinese public. This year, iQIYI Sports will broadcast the entire event along with extensive coverage, special customised material, and commentary services in Chinese, allowing Chinese tennis fans to witness all of it.

Paul Davies, Head of Broadcast, Production and Media Rights at Wimbledon, said, “We are delighted to have renewed once again our broadcast partnership with Shinai Sports, ensuring comprehensive coverage of The Championships will feature across iQIYI’s digital platforms in what for us is an incredibly important market.”

Yu Lingxiao, CEO of Shinai Sports, said, “Shinai Sports is proud to continue collaborating with Wimbledon to explore the Chinese market. Not only is Wimbledon the premier grass-court Grand Slam tennis tournament, it is also one of the most attractive international tournaments with its unique historical and cultural heritage. Shinai Sports will continue to innovate and show the charm of Wimbledon to the Chinese audience in a more comprehensive way from the perspectives of technology, content, marketing and promotion.”

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