Premier League wants to extend existing domestic broadcast deals

Premier League has started planning for future domestic broadcast deals. According to The Times, The Premier League is Asking the British Government to skip the auction process and let the existing terms continue for broadcasting matches for another three years.

The whole purpose behind the abandoning of the auction process is to not deal with Revenue loss due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, as other leagues such as Serie A have dealt a huge blow. Premier League is planning on a private sale process rather than a traditional one in order to continue without revenue depletion and expects that there are going to be no legal disputes.

Premier League is already in talks with the British Govt. over the whole Legal dispute matter. According to Several reports, the deal will be around £4.7 billion which is the same as the current deal. A  private sale has not been seen since the early 2000s. Sky provides the largest proportion of the fee, cashing out around £3.5 billion for 128 live games per year, whilst BT pays around £975 million to air 52 matches a season, and Amazon obtained rights for 20 matches per season for a total sum of £90 million.

However, the whole situation depends on the ESL. The top 6 teams (Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool) were initially a part of the ESL. After the backlash from fans and governing bodies, these six clubs withdrew from the breakaway league. ESL is yet to announce that the league is terminated, and all the six clubs were tied in a binding contract and will have to pay a huge amount for the breach of contract. Since these six clubs play a major role in the Premier League product, broadcasters would likely want clarity that they are not going to cause chaos in domestic leagues by joining a breakaway league. Premier League is already working on moderation of rules in order to avoid the situation like ESL to happen again.

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