NWSL develops agreement with Therabody

The arrangement with Therabody was agreed upon to help NWSL athletes both on and off the pitch.

The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) has announced an agreement with a global wellness technology leader, Therabody.

The arrangement was agreed upon to help NWSL athletes both on and off the pitch. By funding specialised research and guaranteeing that NWSL players have equal access to Therabody technology and education as their male counterparts, the NWSL and Therabody hope to jointly better understand the special demands of female athletes and contribute to the reduction of gender inequality in sports.

Theragun PRO, WaveRoller, and RecoveryAir JetBoots will be accessible on the sidelines at all NWSL games as part of Therabody’s role as the league’s official wellness technology partner. Therabody is also spending a lot of money in order to offer every player in the competition access to more goods, including RecoveryTherm Knee, RecoveryTherm Back and Core, and the FDA-cleared PowerDot that helps with period pain. Therabody’s innovations can assist athletes in their daily lives, help them recuperate after giving it their all on the pitch, and reduce common aches and pains.

NWSL Commissioner, Jessica Berman, said, “The NWSL is excited to partner with Therabody with the shared goal of advancing player health and safety and providing athletes with the optimal tools to succeed on and off the pitch. This partnership will not only provide our players with access to the cutting-edge wellness and recovery technology they deserve as world-class athletes, but will also help to support our mission to conduct the crucially important research needed to better address our approaches to player healthcare needs, including injury prevention and recovery.”

This mutually beneficial partnership not only benefits the player as a whole, both on and off the pitch, but it additionally helps to lessen the disparities that are present in sports rehabilitation. Therabody is dedicated to having a significant influence on women’s emotional and physical wellness in a way that is specific to them as a company that was founded out of the search for non-invasive answers to pain and recovery. The disparities in recovery assistance for male and female athletes are as pronounced as the information regarding their health. For instance, only six percent of study on sports performance is concerned with women, despite the fact that they make up 40% of professional athletes.

Julie Uhrman, Co-Founder and President of Angel City Football Club, said, “Therabody came on board with Angel City very early on in our journey, and has been an incredible, active partner to us from day one. To see them continue to grow their support in women’s soccer now at a league level is a testament to the commitment Therabody has to women’s football and the incredible athletes we cheer on daily on field. To now have access to some of the best recovery products available is something our players and all NWSL players and staff are excited about and grateful for as it will help them be the best they can be every day.”

Dr Jason Werlsand, Therabody Founder and Chief Wellness Officer, said, “Our goal is to support women athletes on and off the field and to be a voice for equality around sports recovery. Women’s soccer is as big a world stage as there is. We are proud to be an official partner of the NWSL to help bolster the players’ self care.”

NWSL supporters will receive information and special deals on Therabody products to help improve their personal health and wellness, and the collaboration will be further strengthened as Dr. Cindy Chang, the NWSL’s Chief Medical Officer, joins Therabody’s board of medical advisors.

The NWSL is demonstrating its commitment to fairness in sports and to serving and supporting the full player by working with the industry pioneer in wellness, Therabody. Therabody promotes access to cutting-edge wellness solutions that can improve everyone’s ability to move and feel better.

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