Majhi Mumbai register a robust performance at debut ISPL auction with INR 84.30 lakh expenditure

With the highest bid of INR 27 lakh, Majhi Mumbai were able to get the all-rounder Abhishek Kumar Dalhor.

The Indian Street Premier League (ISPL) team, Majhi Mumbai have successfully secured a robust player roster through a competitive auction process.

At the ISPL auction, teams competed fiercely to acquire elite tennis cricket players to strengthen their side. With a total expenditure of INR 84.30 lakh, Majhi Mumbai, owned by directors, Neeti and Nipun Agrawal, of Path India Ltd., and their renowned partner Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, have wisely acquired players to bolster their position in the forthcoming ISPL season.

Abhishek Kumar Dalhor from Haryana who was selected as the highest bid player by Majhi Mumbai, said, “I am incredibly grateful and honoured to be chosen as the highest bid player for Majhi Mumbai. This opportunity means the world to me, especially considering my deep connection to the city where I’ve spent countless hours honing my skills. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my family and my coach for their unwavering support and encouragement. I’m thankful to the owners of the Majhi Mumbai team for vesting faith in me. Now my dream is to make my team Majhi Mumbai proud!”

With the highest bid of INR 27 lakh, the management was able to get the all-rounder Abhishek Kumar Dalhor, proving the team’s commitment to acquiring the best players possible.

The team’s forces were further enhanced when Vijay Pawle and Basharat Hussain were acquired for INR 13.50 lakh each. Raviraj Ahire’s signing for INR 4.80 lakh demonstrates the team’s strategic investment in developing talent. In addition, the team’s acquisition of Yogesh Penkar, Ajaz Qureshi, Devid Gogoi, Deepak Limboo, and Shreyas Indulkar—all for three lakh each—showcases the team’s ability to spot upcoming talent and its commitment to assembling a strong squad that will help them succeed.

With an impressive squad in place, ISPL’s Mumbai team is set to create headlines in the forthcoming season.

At the auction, SportsMint Media had the honour to interact with Abhishek Bachchan, Co-owner of Majhi Mumbai. During the conversation, we queried about the ROI and the team’s approach to marketing.

“We have a very robust marketing plan already in place and it is going to be a short window. Being season one, there’s going to be a very steep learning curve. We’ve made our contingencies and we hope to see how fans are at the end of the day because once you have a foundation, that’s when you build from it. But we’re very well prepared. We’re pretty happy with our investment so far and I think we should do well on the marketing front too.”

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