Falcon Risers Hyderabad strike sponsorship alliance with Excitel Broadband

Excitel Broadband has been named the associate partner of Falcon Risers Hyderabad for the ongoing ISPL season.

The Indian Street Premier League (ISPL) team, Falcon Risers Hyderabad have developed a sponsorship collaboration with one of the largest internet connection and service providers in India, Excitel Broadband.

Following this deal, the brand has been named the associate partner of the side for the ongoing ISPL season.

The team unveiled this collaboration through its social media handle, with the caption, “Get ready to be excited! A big shoutout to excitel for being our adhbhutmaina associate partner and fueling our passion for the game.”

Excitel is regarded as one of the best broadband networks in Bangalore. Excitel’s broadband connection provides high-speed wireless internet and unlimited data internet options. The brand is fascinated with changing the way young Indians consume content over the internet at home. The business is connected to over 3,000,000 homes and is rapidly expanding!

From three matches, Falcon Risers Hyderabad have just managed to win one game yet. The side will have to make a massive turnaround in order to qualify for the eliminator stage.

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