Lenskart launches new campaign using Licensed IPL footage

Riding on the pulse of cricket lovers, this IPL season, Lenskart has captured some exceptional cricketing moments to introduce its new campaign ‘Nazar Ghati, Durghatna Ghati. The campaign combines entertaining IPL clips with a message of combining the spirit of cricket with the clarity of vision to succeed in every goal, whether on a Cricket pitch or otherwise.

Injecting this novel approach to the Cricket fever gripping across the country, it has spun a pun on the popular Hindi idiom ‘Nazar Hati, Durghatna Ghati’, to come up with a meme fueled campaign.

Lenskart campaign consists of licensed footage from the BCCI of matches from the previous seasons of the tournament. In its series of ads, Lenskart represents dual meaning of the word ‘Ghati’ –  the first associated with ‘decrease’ while the second, depicting the concept of ‘Hampered vision’ that leads to mishaps.

Commenting on the new TVC, Hitesh Malhotra, Chief Marketing Officer,, said, “We have always connected with our fans through Authentic, credible communication but keeping it light and fun. For our fans watching IPL, who we absolutely want to indulge themselves and enjoy the game in spite of the extended hours of Viewing, the campaign will serve us a quirky reminder to team up with Blu, that shall make for Safer, easy going viewing. The campaign has received an overwhelming response from our fans and patrons and our passion for innovation in vision stands vindicated.”

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