EXCLUSIVE: ROI in terms of recognition due to PKL is impeccable – Paras Maheshwari, Director at Gravolite

In this esteemed interaction, Mr Paras touched upon several topics regarding Gravolite's association with PKL 10.

Gravolite, founded in 1980, recently made a prominent development by partnering with the landmark 10th edition of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) as the official supplier of Kabaddi mats.

One of the prominent developers and distributors of high-performance competitive sports mats for several sports, Gravolite is based out of Delhi and the entity’s offerings have been approved by the International Kabaddi, Wrestling Federation of India, and the Kho Kho Federation of India.

SportsMint Media received a distinct opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Mr Paras Maheshwari, Director of Gravolite.

In this esteemed interaction, Mr Paras touched upon several topics regarding Gravolite’s association with PKL 10.

1. What is the ROI expected by Gravolite from its association with PKL 10?

PKL 10 has been a great platform for us. As of today, PKL is considered an industry leader in terms of any event happening pan-India or worldwide for Kabaddi. ROI in terms of recognition we receive is impeccable.

We get an opportunity to work with different teams along with the opportunity to receive business from every state. At the moment, PKL is currently taking place across the country which helps us get a good amount of orders also.

2. What were the conversations between Gravolite and PKL before finalizing this association?

We have been the official supplier of PKL for the past few years. We don’t get into many conversations before delivering the material, but yes, there were a few cooperative interactions with Star Sports and all the franchisees. They prolonged business with us because of the trust and support our brand has provided. They know that we are the leaders for the particular segment and no other company can match the quality of the product we are delivering.

3. After partnering with multiple sports competitions, are there any plans for any on-air deals to market the products in an AV format to the sports-viewing audience?

Yes, we are thinking of partnering with multiple leagues. Maybe some small leagues for the starters before we find our audience and according to that we can formulate things for the future.

All PKL teams and even Star Sports have provided us with unconditional support. Maybe we’ll be able to formulate something with Star Sports only.

4. How does Gravolite change its marketing tactics according to different sports?

We don’t focus much on marketing tactics, we believe that since we are the quality producers of the product, so we try our best to satisfy our customers with the quality we are delivering.

We present multiple samples to small-scale and large-scale buyers, which provides them with varied options to buy the product.

Today consumers are very aware of what they are buying, and they go to multiple places and factories, before actually even investing a single penny.

There they understand that the kind of quality they are getting at other places is not good as compared to our quality here. We don’t put much effort in terms of marketing, but yes, we just try to deliver the best quality for the best-suited game.

5. How are sports sponsorships in Kho-kho and Kabbadi different in India as compared to other mainstream sports like cricket and football?

Sponsorship opportunities in Kho Kho and Kabaddi are very different in India as compared to the other mainstream sports. Cricket and football have been played for a very long time. The former is an enormous game in India while the latter is catching up steadily.

But at the very same time, if you look at Kabaddi then the only professional league is PKL, which is currently conducting its 10th season. The competition’s growth since its inception has been impeccable.

So, it’s just a matter of time before Kabaddi and Kho Kho also enhance monetarily and in revenue generation.

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