England Team invents a new code system

The English Cricket team is experimenting with a new code system where a series of numerical and alphabetical codes are passed from the team’s analyst to the captain and other players. The team is trailing the new code system in the ongoing limited-overs series against the Proteas.

England’s white-ball vice-captain, Jos Buttler told Sky Sports about the new code system in the post-match interview after their series against the South Africans. Buttler said that the team’s analyst, Natham Leamon writes coded signals on the clipboards and hangs them on the dressing room’s balcony to suggest Eion Morgan and his side for the on-field matchups.

The English side led by Eion Morgan used the Code System for the first time in the South African innings of the Cape Town T20 International. The visiting side has approved their new invention from the match referee, Andy Pycroft and anti-corruption officials.

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has named this new system as ‘Live Informational Resource.’ According to the board, the codes are just a suggestion, and then it’s the skipper’s call to take it or leave it.

Jos Buttler applauded the Live Informational Resource system and said, “Analysis has become such a huge part of the game but you need to be careful about how you use the information best. There still has to be an instinctive and intuitive side to the game but if you can use analysis to better that then it is a force for good.”

Later in the interview, Jos called his skipper the best in the world and added, “Eion is undoubtedly one of the greatest cricketing brains on the planet.” He also referred to the English captain as an incredible and instinctive captain.

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