Cricket South Africa to have an interim board

The board-level turmoil in South African Cricket has come to a temporary halt as the Member’s Council of Cricket South Africa (CSA) appointed an interim board on November 17. The interim board will have a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities for the immediate future of CSA.

The previous board members had filed a resignation on October 30, 2021, as there were serious questions raised by the government about the functioning of CSA. There were fears that CSA was going to be dissolved, and a completely different body was set to be given the task of looking after cricketing matters in the African nation.

For the time being, it seems like CSA will continue to function with strict monitoring from the South African government. The working of the interim board will have a big say on what the future holds for CSA. This appointment will help in calming down the matter in the country and allow them to welcome countries for bilateral series in 2021.

The South African government gave the green light to the series against England on Monday. The English players are currently going through the quarantine period in South Africa. Since this is the first international series in South Africa after the pandemic, the government decided to keep the differences with CSA aside and provide relief to South African cricket fans. There is likely to be a new announcement regarding other tournaments during the home season of 2021 in the near future.

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