Australia’s Brisbane to host 2032 Summer Olympics

Australia will host the Olympic Games after 32 years, they were the hosts in 1956 and 2000.

Brisbane has been finalised as the host of the 2032 Olympics on Wednesday, the winner of the one-city race initiated by the IOC to avoid rival bids.

Australia will host the Olympic Games after 32 years, they were the hosts in 2000 and 1956.

“We know what it takes to deliver a successful Games in Australia,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison told International Olympic Committee members in an 11-minute live video link from his office.

When Brisbane was officially declared as the host after winning the vote, 72-5, Morrison gave two thumbs up in excitement.

After the official announcement, fireworks were displayed in Brisbane and broadcasted to IOC members in their five-star hotel in Tokyo.

Brisbane has 11 years to prepare for the Games, Los Angeles is hosting 2028, and Paris will host in 2024.

The Olympics 2032 deal seemed as if it was finalised months before the formal decision at the IOC meeting, which was held ahead of Friday’s opening ceremony of the Tokyo Games.

Brisbane received the exclusive negotiating rights in February by the IOC. That decision left Olympic officials in Hungary, Qatar and Germany in turmoil with their own halted bidding plans.

A high-level Australian delegation went to Tokyo amid the COVID-19 pandemic to present speeches, films and promises on stage.

Brisbane’s Southbank riverside precinct was packed by hundreds of people for the announcement, watching the city’s final pitch to the IOC on a big screen.

Brisbane’s popular cricket stadium, Gabba, will be renovated and may even host the sport at the Games. The game of cricket was last played at the Olympics, at the 1900 Paris Games.

The hosts of the upcoming three Summer Games are now finalised in wealthy and traditional Olympic nations without any of the hosting teams facing a contested vote.

“We want to show the world that mid-sized cities and regions can host the Games without financial distress or missed deadlines,” Palaszczuk told voters.

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