Unacademy releases promotional video with moments from IPL 2020

Unacademy has launched a promotional video involving the best moments from IPL 2020. The Edu-tech firm has merged individual brilliance done in IPL with educational concepts that students can learn from these situations.

Unacademy has been one of the main sponsor of IPL 2020 in UAE. The partnership involved unacademy having a presence in the stadium while various promotional events such as unacademy fan of the match and unacademy cracking sixes. In the post-match ceremony, unacademy is likely to sponsor the award for the batsman that had hit the most sixes in the tournament.

The Edu-tech firm also started the initiative that allowed fans to ask questions regarding cricket to commentators. Fans had to tweet their questions with suitable hashtag during the game to get it answered by the experts.

It is a well-crafted video that sells unacademy as a brand to the users with the help of IPL. Concepts such as Darwin’s evolution, speed, and momentum have been cleverly related to various instances that took place during IPL. The video was tweeted out by numerous star cricketers and commentators on Monday.

Considering the success of IPL 2020 amidst a global pandemic, Unacademy has got great exposure to a larger audience by associating with the tournament. Moreover, improvising promotional video further helps in garnering strong interest from the public. The quality of the content of the video has pleased the audience since it has racked up one million views on Youtube in less than 48 hours.

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