Serena Williams aims to ace the cosmetics industry with WYN Beauty launch

WYN Beauty focuses on clean and vegan formulas that are gentle on the skin, prioritizing long-lasting wear and sweatproof properties, ideal for active lifestyles.

The tennis champion and entrepreneur, Serena Williams has stepped onto the court of a new challenge: the world of cosmetics. Partnering with The Good Glamm Group, Williams launched her makeup line, WYN Beauty, offering a range of products designed for high performance and inclusivity.

WYN Beauty focuses on clean and vegan formulas that are gentle on the skin. The product line prioritizes long-lasting wear and sweatproof properties, ideal for active lifestyles. This aligns with Williams’ image as a powerful athlete, suggesting the makeup is built to keep up with busy lives.

Staying true to its commitment to inclusivity, WYN Beauty boasts an impressive 91 shades across 10 product categories. This ensures a wider range of skin tones and preferences can find perfect matches within the collection.

Serena Williams, Founder and entrepreneur, said, “I’m so excited to introduce WYN Beauty to the world. To me, beauty has always been about self-expression and stepping into the best version of myself. Throughout my career, I was always searching for makeup that looked good after hours on the court, mixing products myself and creating my own formulas while traveling the world. As I evolved and remained active both on and off the court, I needed products I could apply at 7am before a full day of meetings, spending time with my kids, making time for the things I love and still look good at the end of the day. I needed makeup that could truly move with me. That’s the intention behind WYN BEAUTY – for people to live in it every single day of their lives and enhance the beauty they already have.”

Monica Arnaudo, Chief Merchandising Officer at Ulta Beauty, said, “At Ulta Beauty, we’re committed to celebrating beauty in all its forms so that everyone can express themselves through the products we offer; WYN Beauty is a shining example of this. Since meeting Serena several years ago, it was clear her passion for beauty would lead to a brand and product collection that embodies her winning spirit and brings a new perspective to makeup that beauty enthusiasts desire.”

Darpan Sanghvi, Founder of Good Glamm Group, said, “It’s a privilege to partner and enter into this joint venture with Serena, and work with her to bring life to her vision of WYN BEAUTY and create products that truly deliver high performance, synonymous with what she stands for.”

While available only in the United States, WYN Beauty plans global expansion. According to Forbes India, the brand is expected to launch in other countries, including India, within the next year.

This foray into the beauty industry marks another successful venture for Williams, known for her business acumen beyond the tennis court. WYN Beauty joins her growing portfolio of investments and entrepreneurial endeavours.

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