Serena Williams establishes athletic recovery brand ‘Will Perform’

Will Perform's line of pre and post-recovery products makes specialist workout necessities more approachable.

Serena Williams, the tennis legend, has established a new lifestyle brand, ‘Will Perform,’ with an emphasis on athletic rehabilitation.

Will Perform is launching five products in the relieving pain, skincare, and muscle care subgroups, co-founded by experienced executives Hank Mercier and Eric Ryan, who also co-founded first aid company Welly Health and nutrition specialist Olly.

Williams’ new company’s direct-to-consumer (DTC) platform debuted on December 8, with product lines also set to be distributed through Target’s retail and online stores beginning December 18.

Will Perform’s line of pre and post-recovery products makes specialist workout necessities more approachable to everyday athletes, and it underscores the brand’s larger mission of bridging the performance-self-care gap.

Serena Williams, said, “Recovery has played an integral role in my performance and professional success. It’s a practice that can benefit anyone with an active lifestyle. That belief is what inspired us to develop a line of products that targets your muscles and can be incorporated into your daily self-care routine.”

Ryan added, “I love transforming the mundane into a new experience that consumers will be excited to incorporate into their daily lives. You can’t expect people to adopt a ritual if it’s not enjoyable, and that’s where Will Perform feels truly disruptive. These are beautifully designed and thoughtfully formulated self-care products that consumers will look forward to using.”

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