Reliance Digital’s first-ever CS2 LAN Tournament in India hits it out of the park; ‘Digital Level Up’ attracts over 15k gamers

BGMI and Valorant were featured at Reliance Digital's 'Digital Level Up' event, which was powered by OMEN and co-powered by Intel and HyperX.

The Indian electronics retail store, Reliance Digital spearheaded the first-of-its-kind esports tournament, ‘Digital Level Up,’ a high-octane esports event.

On October 22, Level Up organized the first-ever CS2 LAN tournament in Navi Mumbai at the Seawoods Mall, which had a large attendance of over 15k gamers and followers of streams from throughout the city.

The leading mobile and PC gaming titles, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and Valorant were featured at this event, which was powered by OMEN and co-powered by Intel and HyperX. Everyone, whether a pro or a novice, had the opportunity to compete for the title and receive a share of the INR 20 lakh prize pool.

Popular casters such as Biren (Bullet) Sharma, Tarun (Aapkon) Agarwal, and Shashank (Raider) Singh experienced players battle via daily qualifiers for BGMI and Valorant, while Umesh Kripalani (Kripz) and Vivek Venkatraman (Veewake) were the CS2 LAN casters who boosted the overall gaming experience for the audiences. The 30-day esports competition allowed 16 professional teams to compete against ambitious BGMI gamers, Valorant players, Valorant collegiate teams, and women-only BGMI tournaments.

Lakhs of people tuned in to see Team Soul win the BGMI event, Team 7N esports win the Collegiate level Valorant tournament, Aster Army win the Pan India Valorant Open competition, and Team Wannabe for Women win the special BGMI event. Fired Up Gaming was crowned the CS2 champion.

In recent years, Reliance Digital has been at the heart of gaming prosperity, with its stores stocking the newest and most recent gaming computers, consoles, phones, and accessories. The majority of Reliance Digital’s flagship locations include an exclusive gaming experience zone with tech specialists to assist customers in making the correct choice for their gaming requirements and for enthusiasts who want to see the thrill of gaming in action.

Gaming tournaments like “Digital Level Up” enhance awareness and participation in the new and emerging gaming industry. Digital Level Up game competitions now offer deeper cooperation and quality content within the gaming world via live streaming, promoting the next level of gaming talent to battle and win globally.

At the event, SportsMint Media received the privilege of having an exclusive interaction with Ms Trupti Latur, User Engagement and Communications Lead at JioGames.

How has been the experience of being a part of Digital Level Up and the emerging ecosystem of esports in India?

I have personally been a part of the gaming ecosystem for the past 10 years. I’m a gamer myself, so it has been a very great experience. We don’t do it as work, but it is our passion and we have a lot of fun building this whole thing. We understand communities really well because we ourselves are part of them and we do understand what gamers really want. Jio being a firm that wants to accommodate the entire esports audience of the country, we are very determined to ensure that we are able to cater to all the needs of the gaming community.

The journey has been really fun. It started off with the JioGames app with instant gaming expanding to the arena and then expanding to esports around professionals, and even for all the content creators and influencers, they have their platforms where they can stream gaming. We’ve also launched a cloud gaming service, which can give you access to all the high-end games on any device.

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