Indian Olympic Association establishes alliance with Samsonite for Asian Games 2022

The Indian contingent will be travelling to Hangzhou, China, for Asian Games 2022 with the lucrative suitcases produced by Samsonite. 

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has announced a partnership with the premium travel luggage entity, Samsonite for the upcoming Asian Games 2022.

Following this deal, the Indian contingent will be travelling to Hangzhou, China, for the marquee Asian tournament with lucrative suitcases produced by the company. 

Speaking about this collaboration, Dr PT Usha, President of the Indian Olympic Association, said, “The provision of a premium suitcase, designed for the official kit for the Asian Games 2022, to each member of the Indian team is a symbol of the support and belief that the entire nation, and brands of global repute like Samsonite, bestow upon our champions”.

Sharath Kamal, Indian Table Tennis player, said, “I cannot stress enough the importance of the whole team travelling with such premium suitcases with our playing kits and ceremonial dresses in them. The feeling of pride and confidence among our athletes can only grow with such action”. 

Jai Krishnan, CEO of Samsonite, said, “Samsonite has always been about journeys. And there’s none more heart-stirring than that the one our athletes are embarking on. We are honoured to be a small but significant part of their journey”. 

Samsonite is a maker and supplier of luggage, offering everything from huge suitcases to small cosmetic bags and briefcases. Denver, Colorado, in the United States, is where the business was first established. Its registered office is in Luxembourg, and it is traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The 2023 Asian Games is all set to start on September 23, and it will conclude on October 8, 2023 in Hangzhou, China. 

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