ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 witnessed 17% growth in average ad volume per match against World Cup’19: TAM Sports

The Indian team's games at the World Cup 2023 received the highest ad volume share out of all the games.

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 saw an indexed increase of 17% from every game with regard to average ad volumes per match compared to the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019, according to TAM Sports‘ analysis of commercial advertising over the recently concluded CWC 2023.

The Indian team’s games at the World Cup received the highest ad volume share out of all the games. It should come as no surprise that the World Cup 2023’s semifinal between India and New Zealand and the final match between Australia and India drew the highest number of advertisements.

The total number of categories, advertisers, and brands increased by 42%, 3%, and 34%, respectively, throughout all ICC CWC’23 matches compared to all ICC CWC’19 games.

Furthermore, the top 5 categories accounted for 33% of all ad volumes throughout the ICC World Cup’23 matches. Ad volumes for Ecom-wallets increased by 75% in the ICC World Cup’23 in contrast to the ICC World Cup’19. However, among the top five categories, two-wheelers saw a 42x increase in ad volume in the ICC Cricket World Cup’23 compared to the previous edition. Perfumes/Deodorant, Pan Masala, and Ecom-Wallets were the only categories that appeared in the top five of both the ICC World Cup’23 and ICC World Cup’19 matches.

During the ICC World Cup’23, the top five advertisers contributed a 32% share of ad volumes. Vini Product and FX Mart were the only two common sponsors between the ICC World Cup’23 and the ICC World Cup’19. Coca-Cola India’s ad volume increased by 2.7x in ICC CW’23 compared to ICC CW’19 among the Top 5 Advertisers.

In comparison to the ICC World Cup’19, over 55 new categories and 215 fresh companies were advertised in every match of the ICC World Cup’23. Bharat Petroleum MAK was the most prominent brand among the 215+ new brands, followed by Kamla Pasand Silver Coated Elaichi.

During the 48 matches of the ICC CWC’23, 165+ brands were featured on both regional as well as Hindi+English sports channels. PhonePe was the most popular brand. HUL brands were the top exclusives on Hindi+English language and regional language sports channels during the ICC CWC’23.

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