Gatorade ropes in Hardik Pandya as brand ambassador

The partnership between Gatorade and Hardik Pandya will amplify the importance of hydration while being active. 

The Indian star all-rounder, Hardik Pandya has been named the brand ambassador of the American sports beverage brand, Gatorade.

The partnership between the two will amplify the importance of hydration while being active. 

The 29-year-old cricketer is well-known for his athleticism and active lifestyle, as well as his persistent will to win. Gatorade, on the other side, emphasises the necessity of water while sweating it out to assist its customers in moving forward. 

The collaboration between Hardik and Gatorade will strengthen the brand’s position as a hydration partner with the sports, fitness, and active lifestyle communities, as well as urge customers to fuel themselves ahead to achieve their fitness goals. 

Ankit Agarwal, Associate Director, Energy and Hydration, PepsiCo India, said, “Gatorade has been a pioneer in hydration, providing athletes and people with active lifestyles with electrolytes and fluids to help replace what is lost in sweat. Hardik’s relentless spirit and unyielding determination to be physically fit, work hard and sweat it out time and again align seamlessly with Gatorade’s philosophy of staying hydrated to help perform at one’s best. We are thrilled to welcome him to the Gatorade family.” 

Speaking on this partnership, Hardik Pandya, said, “For me Gatorade is more than just a beverage; it’s a symbol of determination and resilience. Staying hydrated is a crucial aspect of any athlete’s performance, and I am glad to partner with a brand that has a long history and legacy in rejuvenating athletes with over 55 years of expertise in the field of hydration.” 

Gatorade is an American beverage and food company known for its distinctive line of sports beverages. It is currently manufactured by PepsiCo and distributed in over 80 countries. The beverage was invented in 1965 by a group of researchers led by Dr. Robert Cade. 

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