G-SHOCK releases new campaign ‘Rise Above the Shocks’ featuring its brand ambassador Shubman Gill

The campaign 'Rise Above the Shocks' by G-SHOCK which includes Shubman Gill celebrating the indomitable spirit of those who overcome obstacles and hardships with tenacity.

The legendary watch brand, G-SHOCK has launched a new campaign ‘Rise Above the Shocks’ featuring its newly appointed brand ambassador, Shubman Gill.

The campaign ‘Rise Above the Shocks’ celebrates the indomitable spirit of those who overcome obstacles and hardships with tenacity, similar to the renowned G-SHOCK watches that survive shocks and harsh circumstances. The creative concept combines the spirit of cricket, resilience tales, and digital connection, with Gill at the forefront, to connect with every watch and streetwear lover and create G-SHOCK as an icon of perseverance, style, and triumph.

With a 40-year history, G-SHOCK is more than simply a watch brand. The company launched a series of new videos that combine the watch brand’s unwavering commitment to creating durable and trend-setting watches with Gill’s persona, which encompasses both physical tenacity and mental strength.

Hideki Imai, managing director of Casio India, oversaw the campaign’s launch, along with Eklavya Neogi, head of Casio India’s sales and marketing division, and Gill.

The G-SHOCK 2100 series represents a new-age revolution in the world of watches, establishing the groundwork for G-SHOCK’s powerful 40 years of progress in the world of timepieces. The series is distinguished by its modern design, which includes an octagonal bezel with leaner construction and the use of lighter materials such as carbon core guard, resulting in a watch that is both beautiful and durable. This design appeals to a younger, more fashion-conscious population. These attributes make the 2100 series an appealing option for people who appreciate both toughness and style.

The watch worn by Gill in the campaign, the GA-2100-1A1, is the all-black manifestation of the 2100 series and is immensely popular among both new purchasers and G-SHOCK devotees.

Hideki Imai, Managing Director, G-SHOCK, said, “Our ‘Rise Above the Shocks’ campaign with Gill taps into the Indian ethos of perseverance and resilience, aligning seamlessly with G-SHOCK’s reputation for toughness and durability. As we celebrate our 40th anniversary globally, this strong synergy also commemorates the brand’s unwavering pursuit of precision, imaginative design, and stylish aesthetics in the watchmaking realm.

“We couldn’t be happier to spearhead this campaign with the reigning Youth Icon from the cricketing world, Gill, who embodies the same unyielding character emblematic of our timepieces. Collectively, our mission is to galvanise the next wave of resilience and grit amongst the GenZ and millennial audiences in India by being a talisman for their ability to persist through life’s trials and emerge stronger and brighter, just like the G-SHOCK brand.”

On the development, Shubman Gill, said, “I am excited to be a part of the G-SHOCK family. They have made a mark among Gen Z and Millennials for their trendy yet durable designs. As a cricketer, I acknowledge the value of a good partnership. A durable partnership can change the course of the game. I believe G-SHOCK watches prove to be reliable in the ‘partnership’ of timekeeping, along with their innovative designs. It is this shared belief that makes me happy about this collaboration.”

Kapil Batra, National Creative Director, Wieden + Kennedy India, said, “Gill has overcome challenges, won battles, and shattered perceptions to earn this title. In a similar vein, the G SHOCK watch has gained its reputation as one of the toughest watches for good reason. Its toughness is a result of rigorous testing and an exceptional ability to endure any shock. We thoroughly enjoyed working on this campaign. It’s a celebration of Gill’s and G SHOCK’s shared ability to rise above any shock, presented in a visually captivating way.”

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