Eurosport India to broadcast King’s Cup 2023

Starting on September 7 on Eurosport, India will play Asian superpower Iraq in a knockout semifinal matchup of King's Cup 2023.

The sports broadcasting channel, Eurosport India has acquired media rights to the King’s Cup 2023, an international football tournament held in Thailand.

Starting on September 7, i.e., tomorrow, India will play the Asian superpower Iraq in a knockout semi-final matchup. Thailand, the hosts, will compete against Lebanon. The losers of the semi-final fixture will compete for third place and the bronze medal, while the winners of both games will play in the final match for the championship.

The King’s Cup, also known as the “Kor Royal Cup” in Thai, is an esteemed international football competition held every year in Thailand. It has an extensive past and has ties to Thai royalty. Since its beginning in 1968, the King’s Cup has regularly included top-tier football talent from all over the world.

The Indian national football team will compete in this prestigious event for the fourth time in the forthcoming King’s Cup. In 2019, they played Curaçao in their opening game, which they lost by a razor-thin margin. The Indian team overcame this setback and defeated the hosts by a score of 1-0 to claim the bronze medal.

In 1977, India had their first King’s Cup appearance, and they made history by winning the bronze medal. They succeeded in accomplishing this feat by outlasting strong rivals including the Republic of Korea, Singapore, and Indonesia. India entered the competition once more in 1981 but lost in the group stage.

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