CM Punk smashes AEW shirt sales record

AEW is out of ringer t-shirts after record sales.

Former WWE champion CM Punk’s arrival at All Elite Wrestling is already reaping in big profits for the organisation. According to recent reports, CM Punk has already broken the record for the highest number of t-shirt sales in AEW history in just 24 hours.

Having been missing since 2014 from the pro wrestling scene, CM Punk’s return has reinvigorated the fans and followers. Twitter posts showed people standing in huge lines and queues just to get their hands on the latest CM Punk merchandise. Hence it comes as no surprise that CM Punk has already put AEW in shortage of ‘ringer t-shirts!

So many ringer t-shirts have been sold in the initial hours, that AEW is currently out of stock. They will now be selling the designs on some different styles of shirts.

Due to supply shortages on ringer t-shirts (white tee with black cuffs and neck) we do not have enough ringers in stock. Rather than completely putting the product out of stock, we are now offering it to you on a white t-shirt in many different styles. We will continue to monitor ringer stock and offer the ringer version at a future undetermined date. Ringer tees will still be available at AEW Live Events while supply lasts!” an official statement said on their official website.

In his first wrestling promo in over seven years, the 42-year-old wrestler called out Darby Allen and finalised a match between the two for the upcoming pay-per-view All Out in Chicago. CM Punk will be wrestling in a squared circle for the first time since his last appearance in WWE in 2014.

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