Shubman Gill, Shreyas Iyer star in Gillette’s new ‘Play With The Stars’ campaign

This new campaign by Gillette enables selected consumers to meet their cricketing heroes like Gill and Iyer and play a game with them when they purchase Gillette's Cricket edition pack.

Gillette Mach3 and Fuzion5 have launched a ‘Play With The Stars’ campaign featuring Indian cricketers, Shubman Gill and Shreyas Iyer.

This new campaign enables selected consumers to meet their cricketing heroes and play a game with them when they purchase Gillette’s Cricket edition pack. ‘Get a Chance to Play with the Stars’ is a digital film that bridges the gap between fans and their favourite cricketers through the brand’s once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

In the ad film, a man is shown shaving and watching cricket on his phone. Shubman Gill is the main character of the action, and while watching him on his screen, the man starts giving him batting advice, much like all do when one’s favourite player is playing. That is when Shubman shows up and dares the man, in a light mood, to demonstrate his batting prowess. The movie closes with a request to all cricket enthusiasts to purchase the Mach3 or Fusion5 cricket edition bundle and engage in a game of cricket with the stars.

Abhishek Desai, Vice President – ISC Grooming and Brand Operations, said, “Whatever we do is designed keeping the consumer at the core. In India, cricket is followed with utmost passion and vigour. We therefore found it imperative to bring consumers to the sport they love the most through our brand. Shreyas and Shubman are at the top of their game currently and this is Gillette’s one of opportunity to all the cricket fanatics out there to come and fulfil their dream of playing with the stars.”

Gillette and cricket have been connected for a long time now, from onboarding icons like Sachin Tendulkar to utilizing modern superstars like Iyer and Gill, the brand wants to delight customers through such exceptional efforts.

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