Parksons Cartamundi, Mumbai Indians forge landmark association

This collaboration results in a limited-edition season 2024 collection of Parksons Cartamundi playing cards, giving MI Paltan novel ways to connect with their favourite cricketers.

Parksons Cartamundi, a leading player in the evolving world of playing cards worldwide, has forged a partnership with the five-time Indian Premier League (IPL) champions, Mumbai Indians (MI).

This collaboration results in a limited-edition season 2024 collection of playing cards, giving MI Paltan, and other cricket enthusiasts novel ways to connect with their favourite league’s stars.

Parksons Cartamundi decided to work with the Hardik Pandya-led unit to introduce a brand-new line of playing cards that are a collector’s dream and are made in honour of the five-time IPL champions.

Taking advantage of Parksons Cartamundi’s revolutionary manufacturing skills and modern technology, this creative range appeals to both seasoned card players and casual enthusiasts. For the first time in India, a deck of cards was created using robust cold-foil technology. In contrast to traditional methods, the foil is flawlessly bonded into the paper-like ink, rather than attached to the paper board. This results in a smooth, luxurious feel with unparalleled detail, allowing fans to be among the first to witness the company’s inventive use of this advanced technology.

Three distinct SKUs, Mumbai Indians Cold Foil Paper Playing Cards, Mumbai Indians Swivel Box Plastic Poker Playing Cards, and Mumbai Indians Twin Pack Paper Playing Cards, are included in this limited-edition playing card collection. Each is expertly designed to encapsulate the spirit of the Mumbai-based team and its players while incorporating cricket themes.

This officially licenced collection, created in a joint effort with the side, includes playful caricatures of MI players, incorporating personality and charm into each card. This exclusive set is a must-have for any die-hard fan, and it includes a one-of-a-kind game designed specifically for these decks.

Kapil Kejriwal, CEO & MD, Parksons Cartamundi Private, Limited, said, “At Parksons Cartamundi, we remain committed to leveraging our industry-leading manufacturing and printing capabilities to bring the best playing card experiences to India. We have already established a global presence with iconic brands like Bicycle, with over 150 years of heritage. Recognizing that a deck of playing cards is an inherent part of every Indian home, and cricket being a national religion, we saw the perfect opportunity to combine these passions.

“The brand’s collaboration with Mumbai Indians gives us the opportunity to create an exquisite portfolio of playing card SKUs with each deck delivering an unmatched playing experience at accessible price points. This is not just about cards, it is about celebrating the spirit of cricket and offering MI Paltan and Asli Fans a way to connect with their team in a whole new way.”

Stefaan Merckx, Group CEO, Cartamundi, said, “India has been a critical market for Cartamundi since our partnership with Parksons began in 2010. Together, we have successfully launched global brands like Bicycle and Copag, constantly striving to bring the best of the playing card industry to Indian consumers. At the same time, we are committed to fostering a playing card community in India, targeting collectors, magicians, and cardists alike. This elegantly designed Mumbai Indians range caters to both collectors seeking a delightful addition to their collection as well as casual players looking for the perfect deck to elevate their game night.”

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