Zhibo8 and Migu procure Coppa Italia rights

The agreements cover the second leg of this week's semi-finals.

In arrangements mediated by the China Sports Media (CSM) agency, Chinese streaming sites Migu and Zhibo8 have purchased rights to the final three matches of this season’s Coppa Italia.

Coppa Italia is an Italian Competition, which is also known as the TIM Cup (because of its sponsorship). This development includes all the teams participating in Serie A and Serie B along with a few teams from Serie C. It is a highly watched tournament as it garnered upto 10.2 Million viewers during the Napoli vs Juventus finals in 2020, which caught the eye of many broadcasting media agencies and companies.

Since then CSM has also distributed rights to the Italian Serie A in China for the current season, which runs from 2021-22 through 2023-24. The Serie A rights were obtained by CSM from the Infront agency, which is distributing them in a variety of regions throughout the world.

Coppa Italia was not broadcast in China this season, as it had been for the previous three seasons. CSM intends to attract a large number of Chinese football fans by getting this deal and being the only agency with Coppa Italia rights in China, it will not only create a lot of income but also demonstrate the efficacy of this media arrangement.

The agreement covers the second leg of this week’s semi-finals – Inter Milan vs AC Milan on Wednesday, i.e. April 20, 2022, and Juventus vs. Fiorentina on Thursday, i.e. April 21, 2022 – as well as the final in May.  The media rights for the next season of Coppa Italia are yet to be announced by the CSM.

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