Wolves Esports enter King Pro League after Chongqing QGhappy takeover

Wolves entered the esports market in 2018 and have been expanding rapidly.

The esports division of the Premier League club Wolverhampton Wanderers, Wolves Esports have entered the Arena of Valor’s King Pro League (KPL) following their acquisition of Chongqing QGhappy through the parent company Fosun Sports. 

The acquisition will see Chongqing QGhappy change their name to Chongqing Wolves and will continue being an official home team of China’s Chongqing region. 

Deng Houjun, President of Fosun Sports said, “Fosun Sports will continue to increase its investment in esports in the future. We are optimistic about esports and KPL is the most important part of our esports industry, After the completion of this acquisition, Fosun Sports has formed a parallel trend in the Chinese, North American, and European esports market, our strength in esports will be greatly supplemented.” 

Wolves entered the esports market in 2018 and have been expanding rapidly since then, making FIFA teams, Rocket League teams, and also entered the massive Fortnite market along with many others. 

Earlier this year, Wolves appointed Michael Moriarty as their esports manager and have been on the rise ever since. 

The deal between both parties will see the esports organization’s popularity skyrocket as Wolverhampton Wanderers is one of the biggest teams in England with their recent success in the Premier League. 

Wolves will be looking to expand their reach in many other games to strengthen their portfolio even further. 

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