Will Virat Kohli’s record at ICC events affect his brand value?

India’s most recent loss against New Zealand in the World Test Championship makes it the 5th ICC competition that Virat Kohli’s men have failed to win. While Virat Kohli has seen much success individually, his performances have not brought an ICC trophy for the men in blue.

The ornate Indian skipper relishes a large fan base across the globe. He has not only surfaced as one of the most talented cricketers on the field, but he is also India’s favourite brand ambassador.

Known as the run and the record machine, Virat Kohli retained his top position for the fourth time in a row in Duff & Phelps’ ranking with a brand value of $237.7 million in 2020. He is the only sports celebrity on the top 10 list this year.  Even during IPL commercial breaks, his face is most memorable with over 17 brand associations. IPL has always been a fabulous opportunity for brands to attach with their customers, as proved on multiple occasions and one of the reasons why the IPL is a massive empire in itself.  It is during this spectacle that star endorsements see a rise on television.

As per IPLomania, an associated study from Hansa Research, Kohli is one of the most highly-rated players in the IPL. He has surpassed Dhoni, the most prominent star of the IPL over the years, in popularity across all parameters and image attributes.

According to TAM Sports-IPL 13 Advertising Report, the total number of celebrities seen in ads during the IPL went up by 92% for the first four live matches, as contrasted to the 2019 edition.

With unsuccessful attempts as a captain in ICC competitions, will brands consider his image devalued?

As per media reports, Kohli is also the highest-paid athlete, and apart from cricket, he earns a majority of his net worth from brand endorsements. Duff & Phelps and Hansa Research stated that Kohli is assumed to earn around Rs 10-12 crore per endorsement on an aggregate.

Virat Kohli has established his credentials with panache in his earlier cricketing innings and the seeds of his popularity lie in that. His records in today’s day of fast cricket are quite praiseworthy too. Although he has not had the best record as captain for India or RCB, his personal performance has been incredible and makes him desirable as a brand representative.

Some notable endorsements signed by Virat Kohli include Great Learning, iQOO, Iqoo Smartphones, Lafarge, Max Life Insurance, and Vizecare. He has also endorsed brands like Colgate, Google, Hero, Puma, and Vicks.

On the pitch, the value of Virat Kohli is linked to victories, but a cricket celebrity is no longer just confined to the game. While Kohli has a few more cricketing years left, and as we know so as long as he continues to score in the game, he will score with the brands and fans. Kohli’s social media following also increased by 46.3% from 112.8 million in 2019 to 165.0 million in 2020, revealed Duff & Phelps. He has been engaging with his fans frequently through live sessions, posts, reels, etc. He is the only sports celebrity on the top 10 list this year. The fan following and interaction numbers are pivotal for brands.

There are no signs or evidence to suggest that this audience is going to disappear, so brands will always remain interested to be associated with the brand. Unless there is a huge controversy involving Kohli, brands are unlikely to stop associating with him. So, while the outburst of India’s loss mainly revolves around social media from fans, his brand image remains untouched.

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