Virat Kohli becomes brand ambassador of Vize

Vize Health and Hygiene has roped in Indian Cricket team Captain Virat Kohli to promote their new personal hygiene and sanitation brand Vize. At the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, the new venture aims to reiterate that practicing personal hygiene is essential to keep health hazards at bay.

The captain of the Indian cricket team will serve as the face of the brand. Kohli confirmed the association with the brand through a video on his Twitter handle.

Virat Kohli said, “As sportspersons, we athletes are recipients of much love and hero-worship. But in these difficult times, it is the Covid warriors who are true heroes, putting their lives on the line. We are doing our part by helping society fight through this unprecedented time, Vize is for the heroes who keep India unbeaten. I feel excited to be associated with Vize because it is my way of expressing solidarity with fellow Indians.”

Akshat Jain, the founder of Vize, said, “It is up to all of us to prepare to face the pandemic, be rigorous and disciplined about our hygiene routine to keep us safe as individuals and to protect families, communities around us and our country. We have chosen Virat Kohli as the brand ambassador to reflect the values of preparedness, discipline rigor, and world-class standards.”

Since Kohli is one of the fittest athletes in India, he is the ideal celebrity to promote hygiene that will help people to safely navigate through this pandemic. Kohli is currently in Australia for the upcoming ODI, T20, and Test series against the hosts. However, the Indian captain will return to India after the first test in Adelaide due to personal reasons.

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