Upstox unveils its latest IPL campaign ‘Own Your Future’

Commercials on television, digital, and social media platforms are part of the multi-platform marketing campaign.

The Investment platform, Upstox has unveiled its Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 advertisement campaign, ‘Own Your Future’. The campaign’s vision is to propagate financial inclusion in the country by encouraging the youth of India to invest wisely, own assets that will grow over time, and help them take control of their future.

The campaign consists of a series of humorous videos that explain how to “Make your favourite companies work for you” by purchasing their stocks, becoming shareholders in them, and thus having the company and its management work to improve your returns!

Commercials on television, digital, and social media platforms are part of the multi-platform marketing campaign. While digital media has been used to reach out to target segments in metros and big cities, television will continue to dominate the media mix in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

The first two videos of the series were released along with the commencement of the ongoing season. One of the videos depicts a reunion of three friends who discuss their professional advancements. Another video in the series shows two friends meeting at a cafe to discuss a friend’s promotion.

Kavitha Subramanian, Co-Founder, Upstox said, “The campaign ‘Own Your Future’ intends to encourage more Indians to participate in the equity market and make the right investment choices through Upstox. Young Indians today understand the value of owning assets and building a portfolio, via owning shares in companies.

“There’s a huge rise in startup culture and they understand that even if everyone cannot be an entrepreneur, you can still own a share of a company, and participate in its long-term upside. Just like IPL has redefined cricket, Upstox aims to redefine investments for its customers. We have grown 3X year-on-year and expect a similar growth trajectory this year as well. We are positive that this campaign will help drive a culture of equity investment in India, as well as encourage more Indians to take charge of their financial future.”

Since the inception of the cash-rich tournament in 2008, Upstox has been the first brokerage firm to collaborate with the competition. The company currently has over nine million customers and aspires to reach users in outlying areas of the country.

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