UFC signs sponsorship deal with Battle Motors

Under the agreement with UFC, Battle Motors will have their presence at the Octagon Canvas at many UFC events.

The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has named Battle Motors as their first-ever light heavyweight presenting partner. Along with this deal, Battle Motors will have numerous sponsorship integrations within UFC’s digital and linear platforms, which include pay-per-view matches, live broadcasts, and social media marketing.

UFC is the world’s biggest Mixed Martial Arts organisation worth about $7 billion. Even after losing few renowned fighters, the net worth of UFC has not decreased. The sponsorship deal with Battle Motors and the broadcast deal with ESPN highlights how UFC remains an attractive proposition for sponsors.

Battle Motors is worth about $6.29 million. As part of the deal with UFC, Battle Motors will have their exclusive seating area made around the octagon for fans to cheer on their favourite fighters and improve their experience while watching the events. Battle Motor branding will also be unified with the UFC marketing merchandise including the light heavyweight cards and seating areas around the octagon.

With the likes of Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier going head-to-head soon, it is possible to see Battle Motors induced branding around the arena with the end goal being to help them expand their reach even further with the help of UFC’s global outreach. This is the first time that UFC has made such a deal, highlighting the fact that they are looking to find new and more innovative sponsorship opportunities.

The deal with UFC is bound to boost the revenue of both Battle Motors and UFC to great amounts and with DAZN obtaining the streaming rights. More brands are likely to join hands with UFC with Matchroom going up on DAZN. The streaming and broadcast partner recently confirmed the lineup of having the streaming rights, it is only going to attract even more brands to invest in the multi-million corporation. DAZN recently announced the commentary and pundit lineup for UFC.

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