UEFA suspends disciplinary proceedings against Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus

FC Barcelona, Juventus, and Real Madrid are the only three clubs out of the original 12 that are yet to officially withdraw from the proposed European Super League. Initially, it was reported that all three were at risk of a two-year Champions League ban as well as a hefty fine. UEFA had opened the disciplinary proceedings against all three clubs.

The developments on Wednesday confirmed forced UEFA to temporarily suspend the investigation against three clubs. Likely, all three clubs will almost certainly compete in this season’s Champions League. UEFA’s decision comes after an injunction had been taken out by a Madrid court, which was designed to prevent the punishment of the rebel clubs.

A statement released by UEFA on Wednesday said, “Following the opening of disciplinary proceedings against FC Barcelona, Juventus FC and Real Madrid CF for a potential violation of UEFA’s legal framework in connection with the so-called ‘Super League’ project, the UEFA Appeals Body has decided to stay the proceedings until further notice.”

UEFA insisted that they are confident about defending their position in all relevant jurisdictions. There’s no information published by UEFA on how long they plan to delay punishment for these three clubs. As things stand, Real Madrid, Juventus, and Barcelona will compete in the Champions League next season. UEFA is aware of the fact that Barca and Madrid are the two biggest clubs in the world and has a massive fan base, so banning them CL will lead to losses in terms of revenue and audience.

The Premier League has announced their punishment for the six English sides involved in Super League Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham were hit with a combined £22 million fine. Apart from Real Madrid, Juventus, and Barcelona, the other nine clubs of European Super League clubs have also signed a pact with UEFA to avoid a similar situation in the future.

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