UEFA reconsidering deal with Sydney based broadcaster

In a recent development, besides the ongoing European Super League drama, UEFA is reportedly looking out for alternative broadcasters as the prospective $60 million deal that was earlier on the verge of completion with Sydney based startup named Sports Flick, is now under scrutiny as the company has been unable to secure financial guarantees to support the $60 million three-year deal.

The startup broadcasting company, that streams regional niche sports such as Indian Baseball and Nicaraguan Football, is struggling to sign a deal with UEFA for the rights to stream the Champions League despite beating some of Australia’s biggest players in the industry.

According to various reports, UEFA has started contacting other rival bidders, including streaming service Stan. Commenting on the inability of Sports Flick to partner up with them, a consultant involved in the bid said that “Being a startup, there are significant complexities and challenges which have prolonged the process, and are not as straightforward as the public would expect.”

Before acquiring UEFA Champions League rights in a blind auction-style tender defeating Optus Sport, Flick had previously also acquired rights of UEFA Women’s Champions League along with South Korea’s K League.

If the deal with UEFA actually fails to materialize, Sports Flick founder Dylan Azzopardi’s future plans to enhance the quality of football by making it a digital “home of football” will be brought to ruins. Along with this failed deal, there will be concerns about collaboration regarding the company’s backgrounds and financial as well as streaming ability to cover such a huge sporting event.

UEFA’s immediate headache is European Super League as 12 elite clubs have signed up for this breakaway tournament. The governing body of European football announced new plans for Champions League and condemned the decision of these clubs. It remains to be seen whether Super League will go ahead as numerous football bodies have issued a strict warning about the consequences of playing in this league.

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