UEFA Champions League semi-finals likely to go ahead

The UEFA Champions League semi-finals are likely to go ahead despite the European Super League debacle in the past few days. UEFA President, Aleksander Ceferin told Slovenian television Pop TV that there is very little chance of calling off the semi-final games next week.

 “There is relatively little chance that next week’s matches will not be played, the key thing is that the season has already started. If we cancelled the matches, television stations would have compensation demands,”

There was talk about banning teams from the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League that have signed up for European Super League. As things stand, Real Madrid, Chelsea, and Manchester City will be allowed to play in the semi-final. Man City will play against Paris-Saint Germain, while Real Madrid will lock horns with Chelsea.

This comes a day after the majority of the clubs withdrew from the European Super League, a breakaway tournament proposed by the elite clubs in Europe. The breakaway league got shut down just 48 hours after its unveiling following massive opposition from fans and officials. A total of 12 founding teams were present out of which nine have backed out amidst the backlash. Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus – who admitted the lucrative project could not now go ahead – are left after top British clubs and others withdrew.

Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez has insisted that the league is just on standby mode. The ESL had garnered criticism because fans believed it took away the spirit of the game and made it about money. Talking about the same Ceferin added that there are 244 clubs outside of Europe. And that he expects that 12 clubs will realise their mistakes and suffer the consequences of their actions.

Ceferin also added that it has been a while since he has seen such a conspiracy take place. He said that even though he would hear rumours flying around that something was being prepared, he could not believe that the people who were talking with him on a daily basis about the future were, in fact, preparing a different thing behind UEFA’s backs.

The president also slammed, Andrea Agnelli, president of Juventus who was one of the key figures behind the Super League project, for his “greed”. Ceferin bemoaned the greed shown by these 12 clubs that could have put the culture of European football in jeopardy. Meanwhile, the Executives of all top six English clubs extended apologies to fans, for the disappointment, frustration, and anguish caused by their involvement in the European Super League.

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