UEFA Champions League Final: Real Madrid Sponsors Watch

Valued at a staggering $6.6 billion by Forbes, Real Madrid hold the title of the world's most valuable football club.

The LALIGA giant, Real Madrid CF reign supreme not only on the pitch, boasting a record 14 UEFA Champions League (UCL) titles, but also in the world of finance.

Valued at a staggering $6.6 billion by Forbes, the Los Blancos hold the title of the world’s most valuable football club.

This financial muscle coincides with on-field success as the unit won its 36th LALIGA earlier this month by securing 95 points in the 2023/24 season, 10 points clear of its nemesis, FC Barcelona. The team will be playing yet another UCL final on Sunday, June 2 at 12:30 AM IST against Borussia Dortmund at Wembley Stadium.

The club under the president, Florentino Perez, had the knack of buying the best players across world football. Having a lineup of renowned football players brings laurels on the pitch but also grabs eyeballs that attract lucrative sponsorships.

The Spanish champions’ average shirt sponsorship deal of $205 million per year is unmatched, solidifying their position as one of the hottest sports properties.

Here’s a breakdown of Reyes de Europa’s current sponsors, categorised by their tier:

Main Sponsors:

Emirates Airline: A global leader in aviation, Emirates Airline boasts one of the world’s youngest fleets and an impressive network spanning over 130 destinations in 75 countries. This high-profile partnership was established in 2011 and reached main partner status in 2013. Both parties signed a renewal in October 2022. According to the Spanish publication Marca, the current sponsorship deal between Emirates and the famed football club is estimated at a staggering €70 million.

adidas: For over two decades, adidas and Real Madrid have been a powerful duo. The German sportswear giant designs and produces the iconic white jerseys, synonymous with Real Madrid’s success. This partnership grants adidas unparalleled access to influence sports fashion trends while basking in the reflected glory of the club’s victories. The reportedly staggering €120 million annual deal underscores the mutual benefit of this long-standing alliance.

Top Tier:

Hewlett-Packard (HP): In a historic €70 million per season deal, as per reports, the tech giant HP became Real Madrid’s first-ever sleeve sponsor, aligning its innovative spirit with the club’s drive for excellence. This multi-year partnership extends beyond branding, with HP providing cutting-edge technology solutions to optimise operations across all levels of the club, from the academy to the first teams. Fans at the Santiago Bernabeu will also experience the benefits of this alliance through HP-powered events encompassing in-person marketing, gaming, educational programs, and even business management initiatives. This collaboration signifies a new era for both parties, leveraging technology to elevate performance and fan engagement for Real Madrid.

Global Sponsors:

Mahou: Steeped in Spanish heritage, Mahou isn’t just a beer, it’s the quintessential taste of Spain. For over a century, this iconic brewery has mastered the art of balancing tradition with innovation. The Spanish brewery’s commitment to quality and authenticity shines through in every sip, making Mahou synonymous with greatness. This dedication extends beyond the brew, as its sponsorship of the Los Blancos fosters a deep connection with local fans.

Visit Dubai: Dubai, the dazzling Emirate known for its luxurious hotels and over-the-top experiences, has cleverly partnered with the world-famous football club. This strategic alliance allows Dubai to tap into a massive fanbase of affluent and adventurous travellers. By aligning with a team that boasts a global following, Dubai positions itself as a must-visit destination for those seeking a taste of sporting excitement and unmatched luxury.

BMW: The German luxury carmaker BMW strategically partnered with Real Madrid in July 2022 to tap into the prestigious football club’s global fanbase. This association positions BMW alongside a team renowned for excellence and peak performance, qualities that resonate with its high-end clientele. By aligning with Real Madrid’s triumphs, BMW subtly reinforces its brand image as a leader in innovation, power, and achieving the extraordinary.

EA Sports: EA Sports, the developers behind iconic franchises like FIFA and Madden NFL, partnered with Madrid in 2015 and extended in 2020 through 2025. EA Sports pushes the boundaries of interactive technology, offering fans innovative ways to connect with their favourite sports.

Abbott: Abbott and Real Madrid partnered in 2023 to tackle malnutrition. Empowering people to live healthier lives at every stage, Abbott is a global leader in healthcare solutions. Since the commencement of the pact, the entity has provided over 25,000 hours of nutrition education and screened over 3,000 children for malnutrition.

Nivea Men: Men’s grooming leader Nivea Men capitalizes on Real Madrid’s image of strength and athletic excellence to resonate with its target market. This partnership, now in its decade-long run and extended until 2025, allows Nivea Men to connect with fans who admire the dedication and physical prowess of Real Madrid’s players. By aligning with this winning team, Nivea Men positions its products as essential for men who want to achieve peak performance, both on and off the field.

Cantabria Labs: A global leader in dermatological prescriptions, Cantabria Labs isn’t just developing innovative products but is on a mission to improve lives. This Spanish company, a frontrunner in the markets of Italy, Spain and Portugal, boasts a presence in over 80 countries. The entity has partnered with Real Madrid, leveraging its shared drive for excellence to champion a powerful message: “Celebrate life” by prioritizing healthy, quality skin care.

easyMarkets: Established in 2001 and headquartered in Cyprus with offices in Australia, easyMarkets is a reputable financial services provider. Accredited by multiple regulatory bodies, the financial service provider holds a CySEC license for European operations and an ASIC license for activities in the Southwest Pacific and Southeast Asia, demonstrating its commitment to secure trading practices across a global landscape.

Adobe: Adobe, partnered with the LALIGA champions in 2021, is a pioneer in digital media and marketing solutions, empowering everyone from hobbyists to industry giants. The computer software company’s comprehensive creative, marketing, and document management tools fuel the creation of captivating digital experiences.

Zegna: Steeped in heritage, Zegna, the leading Italian luxury menswear brand, struck a partnership with the world’s most decorated football club in August 2022. This unique collaboration saw Zegna become the official luxury travel wear partner for Real Madrid’s teams, ensuring both style and sophistication off the pitch.

Cisco: At the forefront of the technology shaping the internet, Cisco empowers businesses to unlock a world of possibilities. From fortifying users’ defences against ever-evolving cyber threats to streamlining users’ applications and infrastructure, Cisco equips users with the tools to thrive in a globalized and inclusive future.

Palladium Hotel Group: For over 50 years, Palladium Hotel Group, a Spanish hospitality leader owned by Grupo Empresas Matutes (GEM), has been crafting unforgettable vacations. With a diverse portfolio of over 40 hotels and 13,000+ rooms in idyllic destinations like Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Italy, Brazil, and the United States, the hospitality chain caters to every traveller’s desire.

Daktronics: Since 1968, Daktronics has been a leading innovator in audiovisual technology. Its breadth of expertise encompasses design, manufacturing, sales, and service for a wide range of impactful displays. From large-format LED video walls and digital billboards to scoreboards and dynamic message signs, Daktronics equips businesses, sports venues, and transportation hubs worldwide with engaging and informative visual experiences.

Softtek: Founded in 1982 and partnered with the club in 2022, Softtek has grown from a local Mexican IT service provider to a global leader in cutting-edge digital solutions. Pioneering the Nearshore model, the IT company offers seamless support for Global 2000 companies, helping them build robust digital capabilities from conception to execution and beyond.

Canon Medical: A global leader in medical imaging, Canon Medical boasts a comprehensive suite of diagnostic solutions. From workhorse technologies like CT scans and X-rays to advanced systems like MRI and ultrasound, the medical equipment company equip healthcare providers with the tools for accurate diagnoses.

Regional Sponsors:

Unicaja: The Spanish banking leader Unicaja boasts a strong reputation for financial stability and caters specifically to the needs of Reyes de Europa fans within its regional footprint. As Real Madrid’s official financial partner, Unicaja offers tailored financial solutions for these loyal supporters. The recent merger with Liberbank solidified Unicaja’s position as the fifth-largest bank in Spain’s financial system, serving over 4.5 million customers.

PlayStation (PS): Geared towards a younger demographic, the gaming giant, PS, strengthens its connection with Real Madrid’s passionate fanbase by offering exclusive game content and experiences. As a leading entertainment brand, PlayStation has captivated players worldwide since its 1994 debut in Japan. Through this partnership, PS leverages its innovative spirit to make PlayStation4 and PlayStation5 the official consoles of Real Madrid FC, further solidifying its position at the forefront of gaming and pop culture.

Sanitas: Real Madrid’s dedication to peak player performance perfectly aligns with Sanitas, a leading Spanish healthcare provider. This 15-year partnership goes beyond offering health plans to fans. Sanitas leverages its expertise in sports medicine and extensive network of hospitals and clinics to ensure the players stay in top physical condition. This not only benefits Los Blancos with a healthy squad but also allows Sanitas to stay at the forefront of athletic healthcare advancements.

Coca-Cola: For over a decade, Coca-Cola, the world’s leading soft drink brand, has partnered with Reyes de Europa to leverage the club’s global fanbase. This strategic alliance allows Coca-Cola to tap into the excitement and celebratory spirit of football.

Solan de Cabras: Solan de Cabras, a natural spring water brand from Spain, boasts a unique heritage and mineral profile. Bottled from a remote source in the Cuenca Mountains, Solan de Cabras has been prized for its health benefits since the 18th century. Its long filtration through rock layers and high altitude create a perfect balance of minerals, resulting in a crisp, clean taste. As the official water of Real Madrid, Solan de Cabras champions healthy hydration for everyday wellness and elite athletic performance. The iconic blue bottle alongside the white jerseys embodies this connection between a healthy lifestyle and sporting excellence for nearly 15 years.

HTH: The tech giant, HTH and the legendary football club Real Madrid have joined forces to revolutionize the digital sports landscape in the APAC region. By combining HTH’s cutting-edge platform and Real Madrid’s global reach, the entity aims to shape a brighter future for the sport. This powerful partnership leverages HTH’s expertise in digital sports integration to elevate the fan experience and propel the industry forward.

Bantrab: Born out of a mission to empower workers in 1966, Bantrab has flourished into a leading Guatemalan financial institution. With over five decades of serving the people, the entity has grown to become the sixth-largest bank in Guatemala by asset volume.

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